Investing for Women: Three Tips for Pushing Women Forward

investing for women

Investing for women is still not seen as a mainstream business model. Historically, most entrepreneurs, especially investors, have been males. But the good news is that you can definitely excel as a woman investor and entrepreneur. I did.

When I started real estate investing in 1987, I was 23 years old and may be because I did not have any preconception about being a young woman in business, I did not think about possible obstacles or disadvantages. I went out there and did it.

Over the years I did notice that I was a minority and an exception: all my colleagues real … Read more »

The Winning Mindset and Customer Synergy

positivity in real estate

When it comes to being a successful real estate investor, knowledge and skills go only so far. Without a winning mindset, and the willingness to listen and help, you can actually defeat the purpose intended.

Whether you’re dealing with a distressed seller or establishing a relationship with a potential buyer, having the right mental attitude and knowing how to make each interaction a positive one will make all the difference. I always say, “In real estate you need a psychology degree more than a real estate license.”

Will a Winning Mindset affect My Business?

The key to adopting a winning mindset … Read more »

4 Steps to Turning Real Estate Buyers into Fans

buyers list

Think of real estate buyers as your ‘money tree’ when it comes to real estate investing, because that is where the money comes from to make your real estate purchases; whether wholesaling or fix and flip. Honestly, building and nurturing your buyers’ list is one of the most important things you can do as a real estate investor.

I also recommend that building a buyers’ list is one of the first things you do, since it will help you determine which areas and properties the buyers prefer. It will also give you confidence that you are going in the right direction … Read more »

4 Ways To Identify A Negative Money Mindset

change your mindset

We all know that old habits are tough to break, but the first step in doing so is acknowledging you have them. Some habits are good – even great – but others can shut down your optimism and act as an obstruction to whatever you are hoping to accomplish.

Having a stable and positive money mindset will not only turn things around for you, it will motivate your purpose and illuminate your path. Don’t worry, changing your point of view about isn’t as complicated as it sounds; not when you understand how negative outlooks take shape.

What exactly is a Money Mindset?

It … Read more »

Do’s and Dont’s for Optimizing Your Rental ROI

optimizing your rental ROI

It may surprise you to learn that optimizing your rental ROI isn’t all about juggling the numbers. Sure, dollar signs are a big piece to the puzzle; what you pay, cost of repairs, comparables, direct expenses like maintenance and indirect expenses like overhead. Obviously numbers matter. But they aren’t everything.

It goes without saying that there are contributing factors to market fluctuation and acts of God, over which you have zero control. And, the liability risks which accompany rental property ownership can be daunting for the best of us.

But, take heart – buy and hold investment real estate can provide … Read more »

Why Women Make Great Real Estate Investors

“Recognize your strength, leverage your natural abilities and believe in yourself. You have everything in you that it takes to be successful as a real estate investor.” Laura Alamery

In 1987 when I got started in real estate in Honolulu as an agent, I went to work for Dolman and Associates. Vi Dolman, the owner and principal broker of the company, believed that women made better agents and real estate investors than men. In our office, 74 of the 75 agents were women; the one male agent was working exclusively in the Japanese market with the clientele he was … Read more »

Why Real Estate Investing is Still a Great Niche Market

real estate investing

How could investing in real estate possibly be a profitable venture anymore? Well for one thing, there will always be a need for housing; it’s a given. Even when the housing and mortgage crisis of 2007-2010 was responsible for dropping prices to record lows in a matter of months, people still had to have a place to hang their hat.

Homeownership has always been a source of pride and accomplishment, and it is human nature to point your weather vane toward a familiar place of comfort. When people lost their homes in the recession, many lost hope in any … Read more »

7 Tips for Organizing Your Real Estate Office

organize your real estate office

One of the things that real estate investors get overwhelmed with is organizing their business for better productivity; which tools, equipment and set up should they have in their real estate office.

Over the years, what has helped me in growing my real estate investing business is keeping things simple. I am also a very visual person, so having easy access to my information, properties and data has been very important – especially having everything laid out in front of me.

Organization Made Easy

The following tips are from my own personal experiences with keeping my real estate business better organized:

1. Large Dry … Read more »

Student Investor Series: Diane Johnson

interview with REI student

I was recently inspired to create a new Student Investor Series, in order to allow some of my students to express to you their own thoughts on how they have achieved success as a real estate investor. My hope is that you will hear their stories, and see that it really is possible to dream big and achieve great things in this business!

As a coach, mentor, investor, real estate agent, I have been in the business for almost 30 years. After so much time in the industry, it’s sometimes easy to just take things in stride – which is why … Read more »

Is Real Estate Entrepreneurship Your Beacon of Hope?

women real estate investor

Times are difficult all around, though reinventing yourself is nothing new to the female gender. In fact, solving problems on the fly and changing horses in the middle of the street is something quite familiar to women. And, how does that translate to a successful real estate entrepreneurship?

Well, by definition a real estate entrepreneur is someone who may “actively or passively invest in real estate” there’s all kinds of organizing, changes in direction, and down-to-the-minute decisions to be made – and women are naturals. An active investor may fix and flip a property for a profit, and a passive … Read more »