Is Real Estate Entrepreneurship Your Beacon of Hope?

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Times are difficult all around, though reinventing yourself is nothing new to the female gender. In fact, solving problems on the fly and changing horses in the middle of the street is something quite familiar to women. And, how does that translate to a successful real estate entrepreneurship?

Well, by definition a real estate entrepreneur is someone who may “actively or passively invest in real estate” there’s all kinds of organizing, changes in direction, and down-to-the-minute decisions to be made – and women are naturals. An active investor may fix and flip a property for a profit, and a passive … Read more »

The State of the Real Estate Market

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The real estate market is one of America’s strongest sources of wealth – and it drives many aspects of our economy (like consumer spending) while keeping financial institutions profitable. Given the importance of the real estate industry to our country’s financial health, logic would dictate that professional analysts and economists would generally agree on where the market currently stands and what will happen next.

Conversely, opinions are split pretty much right down the middle; between those who believe that the market is just now entering a period of full recovery from a … Read more »

Reinvent Yourself!

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If you’ve been in any kind of business for long enough, it might be time to reinvent yourself – real estate investing included! It may seem like a daunting task, especially if you are set in your ways, but it doesn’t have to be scary or difficult; even the smallest change can help boost your business and your life.

Building a New Foundation

All it really takes to reinvent yourself is to build a new business from what you know is working well, and drop all the activities that aren’t. Take baby steps, don’t drop everything at once. Whether your idea … Read more »

What is Wholesale? The Beginner Strategy in Real Estate Investing

What is Wholesale? The Beginner Strategy in Real Estate Investing

What is wholesale? Real estate wholesaling can be described as similar to flipping except that the time frame is much shorter, and as the wholesaler you don’t do any of the actual rehabbing required before being able to put the house on the market. In fact, as a real estate wholesaler, you act as more of a middle person between a seller and buyer and don’t actually ever own the property yourself.

In theory, learning what is wholesale can be a pretty simple concept. In general, there can be a bit of work that goes into this process, but a wholesaling scenario usually goes like … Read more »

Mindset Definition – Changing Your Mindset is Half the Battle

Mindset Definition – Changing Your Mindset is Half the Battle

The mindset definition can be stated as a self perception or set of attitudes that people hold about themselves – attitudes and perceptions that can breathe life into your actions and beliefs and determine your success in building up a business in real estate investing.

A positive mindset definition is universally thought of as the ways you will interpret and respond to varying situations happening around you.

Having a strong and positive real estate mindset in place when first striking out as an investor is vital in succeeding as it helps you establish a purpose while building up your business. Having a strong purpose can help … Read more »

Small Business Development Center

Small Business Development Center

Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is a very helpful resource if you want to venture in any type of business, including real estate investing. SBDC was formed in 1953 by the United States Small Business Administration (a government agency) primarily to help small businesses and entrepreneurs realize their own business ownership and take control.

It is common to find it challenging to run a business at its startup stage. Sometimes you have a great idea you wish to pursue, but you have little funds to get things rolling. In that kind of a scenario, a Small Business Development Center will be your go to destination for assistance.

At … Read more »

Business Woman – Success Ideas for Real Estate Investing

Business Woman – Success Ideas for Real Estate Investing

Business woman who wishes to make it in the real estate business must have a few tips at hand to enable her do well in this lucrative industry. Real estate business has some of the best earning people and as a business woman, this is definitely an area to explore.

For one, the industry thrives on network marketing and who besides a business woman can be better at it? Women are naturally more persuasive and are better placed to drive a networking agenda.

If you are a business woman looking to invest in the big world of real estate, it could be possible that you have no idea … Read more »

How to Start Investing in Real Estate

How to Start Investing in Real Estate

How to Start Investing in Real Estate – For those who are just getting their foot in the door of real estate investing, and even if you’ve been in the business for a long time, remembering the basic principles can be a good way to get on track with whatever experience you have. It can be easy to take for granted certain knowledge and tricks of the trade, but following these tips for how to start investing in real estate can help jumpstart a lucrative career in what can be an extremely competitive business.

Treat Real Estate as a Business and Organize a Team:

The problem … Read more »

Top Female Business Owners

Top Female Business Owners

Top female business owners: whatever the reason is that nudged these into breaking away from someone else’s thumb and starting their own businesses, it’s clear that they all have certain things in common. They all have in-depth business experience that comes from years of hard work. They’ve all pushed past and exceeded the expectations that others have placed on them, and treat those who work under them with the respect they deserve. And most importantly, these top female business owners are all willing to do what it takes to build their businesses from the ground up and achieve their dreams.

Top Female Business Owners:

The first of … Read more »

Women with No Money Starting a Business

Women with No Money Starting a Business

Women with no money starting a business: how is that possible?

So you have a great money making idea and a great business plan – but not enough funds to get your business off the ground. This may seem like everything needs to be put on the back burner until you come up with the money on your own, but there are still plenty of choices for women with no money starting a business.

In this blog, I am going to list just a few … Read more »