How to Work with Laura …

I do offer different levels of coaching programs. If you want to work in a group setting, please join my Real Estate Investing for Women club.

Otherwise, to inquire about working with Laura personally one on one, please schedule a free phone consultation today.


siteLaura, who has been investing in real estate for almost 30 years, has made millions in markets nationwide; her reputation as one of the most respected and knowledgeable investors in the industry has placed her real estate investment courses high in demand and recommendation. Over the last 25 years, Laura has mentored and helped thousands of investors, either new or seasoned, building and/or perfecting their real estate investing business. She has helped her students build a sustainable real estate investing business within a few short months of working with her and maintains one of the highest consistent success rates as a mentor in the industry.

Laura’s experience in all kind of real estate investing strategies is so broad (from wholesaling to raising private money to luxury real estate investing,) that she has been successful mentoring on a variety of online training programs for years. However Laura prefers working with a select number of highly motivated real estate investors on a Private Basis (Elite Program) and/or in her On Site Training program.

One of the main reasons that entrepreneurs in real estate investing choose to work with Laura is because she’s not just a one-trick pony “real estate guru” or “coach”, but a true experienced real estate investor, with proven knowledge and strategies, who takes personal involvement in talking and coaching her students (she coaches personally, not delegating to one of her assistants,) and she is easily reachable all the time.

If you’re serious in building a real estate business in the multiple 6 figures or 7 figure range, and you are interested in working with Laura ongoing—individually—fill out this brief form here and to see if you qualify.

If you desire One on One On Site Training (Laura will come to you in your city for 3 full days) plus ongoing individual mentoring, Laura also does occasional One on One On Site Training for qualified applicants.  Inquire here via a personal and confidential one on one call.

phoneWould you like to discuss your individual real estate investing goals and how I can better assist you?

I offer a FREE Phone Consultation.


Why should you hire a real estate mentor?

Whether you are just getting started, or own 90 properties, you always have more to gain with an experienced mentor at your side. Don’t go through the trial and errors alone. Don’t make the same costly mistakes countless others have made.

Laura can make the process of real estate investing simple and painless, helping you overcome your fears and building ultimate confidence in your success.

Discover why hiring a real estate mentor will help you succeed.


I am an active investor working in the field every day. We have a saying in Italy (where I was born,) which is also popular in the USA. “Money talks, and BS walks.”
I successfully sold at wholesale, rehabbed & flipped 60-90 properties a year for over two decades, while holding on to other properties for passive rental income.

Specialized One on One Coaching for your Individual Needs

When I created all my different coaching programs my goal was to give potential investors like you everything you need to get out there and get started:

  • proven training and coaching
  • successful investing strategies
  • access to updated resources
  • and a real estate expert that you can communicate with and count on

I have created a small Elite group of real estate “action takers” who require up to date training and coaching that is laser-focused on what is working in the market NOW, today, with our current rules and regulations, in our current economy. Furthermore, the coaching is tailored to the individual goals and needs. It is customized for what YOU want to achieve.

With your decision in hiring me as your real estate coach, you will always receive personalized service, directly from me, not from another mentor or assistant.

I personally answer all my student’s questions via email and phone. While I do have a staff to assist me with administrative manners, all real estate related questions are answered directly by me.

To discuss your individual situation, please schedule a FREE Phone Consultation with Laura.


Comments from just a few of the entrepreneurs who have chosen to work with Laura recently – read and watch more reviews -> Testimonials page.




“Dear Laura,
Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. In May, 2016 I was invited to a Meetup where you where giving a Seminar, and I didn’t signed because at that moment I was completely broke, two month late in my car payment and one month late in my rent.,
When I arrived to my house, I visited your webpage, and found you have a course broken in six month payments. I had only $400 in my bank account, and made a decision that I don’t recommend anybody to do, but I followed my intuition.

So, I purchase the Rapid REI Riches Bootcamp. Two weeks later I signed a deal and did a wholesale deal for a little more than $10,000 profit. It took me a little more than a month to close, because the buyer needed financing, but we finally closed.

I paid all my debts and am working in my next deal. Thanks a lot, Laura for sharing with me that valuable knowledge. You really saved my life.”

Alexander Hernandez – Miami, Florida

Here is a copy of the check:

Hernandez Check