Successful Habits to Drive Real Estate Success

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Real estate success is best achieved by routine. Routine can easily be interpreted by assimilation; one’s surroundings are a direct result of behaviors and coordinating thoughts. Experts believe that positive and negative thought processes are just the tip of the iceberg when determining the consummation of routine. When positive thoughts are incorporated into everyday thinking, the person tends to be more upbeat and positive. But when negativity breaks the surface, it’s obvious that there’s a correlation between bad attitude and ‘woah is me’ culture. And this is where successful habits to drive real estate success come in. There is a way … Read more »

Why Women Make Great Real Estate Investors

“Recognize your strength, leverage your natural abilities and believe in yourself. You have everything in you that it takes to be successful as a real estate investor.” Laura Alamery

In 1987 when I got started in real estate in Honolulu as an agent, I went to work for Dolman and Associates. Vi Dolman, the owner and principal broker of the company, believed that women made better agents and real estate investors than men. In our office, 74 of the 75 agents were women; the one male agent was working exclusively in the Japanese market with the clientele he was … Read more »

Small Business Development Center

Small Business Development Center

Small Business Development Center (SBDC) is a very helpful resource if you want to venture in any type of business, including real estate investing. SBDC was formed in 1953 by the United States Small Business Administration (a government agency) primarily to help small businesses and entrepreneurs realize their own business ownership and take control.

It is common to find it challenging to run a business at its startup stage. Sometimes you have a great idea you wish to pursue, but you have little funds to get things rolling. In that kind of a scenario, a Small Business Development Center will be your go to destination for assistance.

At … Read more »

Business Woman – Success Ideas for Real Estate Investing

Business Woman – Success Ideas for Real Estate Investing

Business woman who wishes to make it in the real estate business must have a few tips at hand to enable her do well in this lucrative industry. Real estate business has some of the best earning people and as a business woman, this is definitely an area to explore.

For one, the industry thrives on network marketing and who besides a business woman can be better at it? Women are naturally more persuasive and are better placed to drive a networking agenda.

If you are a business woman looking to invest in the big world of real estate, it could be possible that you have no idea … Read more »