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Many new and experienced investors get overwhelmed with TMI (too much information) and too many strategies! If you have paralysis of analysis and need help to cut through all the chaos – and you need a good push to get started or find new direction – you’ve come to the just the right place!

“I believe that with the right information, proper training and clear plan of action, ANYONE can succeed in real estate investing, no matter which background, education or financial status!”…

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Below we have outlined each REI course, along with pricing and any applicable payment plans. Click on the appropriate Course Image to access even more detailed information, as you make your way to checking out! If you aren’t certain where to start, simply click the Contact Us button below the video and we will personally help you decide!

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Wholesaling, Fix & Flip and Buy & Hold. Learn all 3 strategies and how to build your ideal real estate business by leveraging the best strategy for each deal.

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Discover how real estate wholesaling can become your own personal ATM machine, with our profitable, low cost, step-by-step system – that WORKS!

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Learn how to find all the private money you need and form joint venture partnerships … without complicated processes or paperwork.

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Learn how to Build a Rental Portfolio through Buy and Hold either locally or anywhere through Virtual Real Estate Investing.

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