How to Build a Responsive and Qualified Real Estate Buyers List

In this podcast I will discuss the best techniques that I have personally used to collect and qualify a responsive buyers’ list.

Let’s face it. In real estate investing, especially when it comes to wholesaling, the money is in the list: your end buyers are the ones who have to come up with the funds in order for the wholesaling (back to back or double closing) deal to be successful.

Locating the buyers leads is just one step of the process. Once you have names on your list, you still need to qualify them and weed out the active buyers from the non-active.

The agenda and topics of this podcast:

  • 5 best ways to locate eager and ready buyers;
  • How to nurture and educate your buyers to become your investors;
  • How to maintain relationships with these buyers to grow your real estate business;
  • The #1 reason you want to build a strong and responsive buyers’ list as your first step in real estate investing … and it is not what you think.

During this live podcast you are welcome to ask questions via chat or live.