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Who Is Real Estate Investing Women For?

Real Estate Investing Women (REIW) is for the woman who desires to thrive with real estate investment opportunities. We support, train and encourage women on their path to success, by forming personal connections in a fun and fulfilling environment of like-minded women.

REIW is for the woman who wants to launch a career in real estate but has no idea where or how to start. It is also for the woman who’s already a real estate investor but wants to take her business to the next level by perfecting her strategy.

REIW is for the woman entrepreneur who is excited about taking control of her life and wants to pursue her bigger WHY. REIW believes the real estate investment business provides the perfect foundation to embrace strong feminine power and leadership.

Why Real Estate Investing should be Fun?

Success in any life endeavor happens when we’re excited and happy about what we’re doing. Real estate investing can be very rewarding, both financially and emotionally. When done well, it fulfills the deepest human desires to be happy and make a difference in the life of others.

REIW is a sisterhood dedicated to prioritizing fun, education and encouragement as you build your real estate empire. Join us on this journey as we guide you in how to have fun while working hard to pursue your dream of financial freedom.

REIW Focuses on Building Successful Women

Unlike other real estate investment companies, REIW focuses specifically on woman real estate investors. Our mission is to create a supportive and empowering atmosphere for women with revolutionary and up-to-date real estate training. We combine online resources with live events and retreats to support the growth of your real estate business.

We’re here to answer questions like: How do I find a real estate investment group near me? Or, are there real estate investment classes near me? We offer resources through the best real estate investing websites, like REIW Training and Real Estate Investing Mentoring and Coaching.

In addition, our real estate investing blog answers questions, educates on specific investment strategies and informs about local markets around the country.

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About Us

We are Laura and Liz, a mother and daughter team, and the founders of RealEstateInvestingWomen.com. We have combined experience of over 30 years in real estate investing, including real property investment.

We’ve experienced first-hand that it is POSSIBLE to create wealth with real estate while pursuing our bigger WHY and have a POSITIVE impact on the lives of others.

While a lot of women have a strong desire to succeed in their own business, fear or lack of proper knowledge or encouragement become dream crushers. Our passion is to help other women overcome the obstacles to success by sharing our experiences and knowledge in a fun and positive environment. We’ve done just that with REIW!


What Our Clients Say !

“I just completed my first deal and now I can say that I am an investor OFFICIALLY…..no more talking!!! With her help, I was able to do it all within the first few months of her mentorship. I use to read these reviews and think that they weren’t real….but trust me, this one is real. I’m so happy and after recently getting laid off, her assistance couldn’t have been more beneficial. If you put the work in, success isn’t far behind and with Laura just about guaranteed. Thanks a bunch!!!”

Joy Chapman
Birmingham, Alabama

“With Laura’s supervision our company has made it to another successful close. How would $53,254.26 change your life? We are very passionate about what we do! Having a good mentor makes all the difference.”

Donna Wilson
BMW Investment Properties
Kansas City, Missouri

“Real Estate Investing for Women (REIW) is a fantastic group led by women with a vast knowledge of the real estate business. I am so thankful I found this group. I have been a member of a few real estate investment clubs in the past few years, but I always felt there was something missing. The idea of all women was extremely appealing to me. When I first attended one of their monthly luncheons, I felt warmly welcomed and at home with this group right away. Liz incorporates…

Deborah Newman
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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How We Got Our Start
In Real Estate Investing

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A Guide for Real Estate Managers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A Guide for Real Estate Managers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting the economy in unprecedented ways. Virtually every economic sector suffers during this period. The pandemic is causing numerous novel and unique issues for the real estate industry. What's more, the future is uncertain, as the outbreak is not fully predictable. Women real estate investors throughout the country are looking for ways to combat the negative effects of the pandemic. Social distancing measures, a reduction in the number of in-person showings, a special approach to handling documents, and many other measures are implemented. Having a plan is critical during this period, but what should a pandemic guide for real estate managers include? How can women real estate investors protect themselves and their clients? Let's take a closer look: General guidance from the National Association of Realtors NAR, the main professional organization for realtors, has issued a set of guidelines for anyone involved in this profession, both real estate agents, contractors, and clients. This guide is designed to be implemented in the workplace and while doing house visits or showings. What precaution measures should brokers implement? The main thing to pay attention to is the local and state executive orders and guidance that impact the reopening of businesses. Make sure to check the conditions that are applicable in your situation. Brokers should also familiarize themselves with the restrictions, the best practices to implement when reopening physical workplaces. Also, brokers should implement a stay-at-home policy for any staff member who shows any signs of illness. Brokers should focus on working remotely whenever possible. In-person activities should be limited as much as possible, and virtual meetings must be the norm during the pandemic. Can a broker ask someone whether they have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or were exposed to the virus before providing services to them? Although anti-discrimination laws prohibit asking this type of question, some federal agencies have issued guidance relaxing this prohibition during this period. For instance, CDC and EEOC have issued new regulations allowing employers to ask symptoms-related questions concerning COVID-19. Simply put, women real estate investors and realtors are allowed to ask someone to self-disclose any symptoms or potential exposures to the new coronavirus. Can a broker require a person to complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire before providing services? According to new guidelines published by CDC and EEOC, you can request self-disclosed information about their COVID-19 status either verbally or in writing. Ideally, your pandemic guide for real estate managers should have a uniform practice in how this information is collected. Written documentation can be useful if litigation occurs, but it's more difficult to collect. On the other hand, information gathered verbally is not as reliable. Obviously, other risks exist – this sensitive data gathered by companies can be revealed through a data breach or during a hack attack. Are children restricted from attending in-person showings? This type of restriction is not recommended. According to the Fair Housing Act, discrimination based on familial status, as well as restrictions on children, may create legal exposure. If [...]

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In real estate investing, attraction marketing works as a way to generate leads through connection with your target market.

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In real estate investing, attraction marketing works as a way to generate leads through connection with your target market.

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