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Laura Alamery &
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We are Laura and Liz, a mother and daughter team, and the founders of this program for women by women. We have combined experience of over 30 years in real estate investing business and are ready to be your guide.

We’ve experienced first-hand that it is POSSIBLE to create wealth with real estate while pursuing our bigger WHY and have a POSITIVE impact on the lives of others.

While a lot of women have a strong desire to succeed in their own business, fear or lack of proper knowledge or encouragement become dream crushers.


Donna Wilson

BMW Investment Properties Kansas City, Missouri

With Laura’s supervision our company has made it to another successful close. How would $53,254.26 change your life? We are very passionate about what we do! Having a good mentor makes all the difference.

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At Real Estate Investments for Women (REIW) we know you want to break free from feeling anxious along with a deep sense of frustration from not being able to reach financial independence and a sense of personal security. In order to do that you need a Trusted Guide to help you gain the knowledge required to succeed as a successful real estate investor.

The problem is you feel both intimidated and uncertain about how to get started or take your real estate knowledge to the next level.

We believe you deserve to feel secure and financially independent and can guide you through a plan for successful real estate investing. This set of courses was designed for women by women – so we understand what it’s like to feel trapped without a clear plan of action, which is why we’ve helped empower hundreds’ of women with our knowledge based investment courses so you can achieve the freedom that only comes from financial independence.

laura & liz

Women with Clarity Series


Capitalize on Shifting Market Conditions: Top 3 Emerging Real Estate Investing Strategies for Quarter 4 2023

The real estate market is always evolving. As we approach the end of 2023, conditions are shifting in ways that require investors to adapt their strategies. The strategies that worked in a hot sellers’ market may not be as effective in a more balanced or “cooler” market.  Savvy investors are looking ahead to position themselves […]

Making the Leap to Full-Time Investing: A Guide for Women Investors

Ladies, Is It Time to Make the Leap to Full Time Investing? If you’re feeling stuck in an unfulfilling 9-to-5 job, have you considered taking the plunge into full-time real estate investing? The flexibility and income potential of running your own real estate business is appealing, but it can also be scary to take that […]

Investing in Real Estate with Impact: How Community Helps You Become a Better Investor

Investing in real estate with a focus on making a positive impact has gained significant attention in recent years. More real estate investors are wanting to create win-win situations: both financial returns and meaningful change. This approach goes beyond the pursuit of financial gains and focuses into making a positive difference in communities and the […]

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Ladies, if you stay consistent, you will achieve excellence!🌟Consistency is the key to success in real estate investing! Remember, good things will happen if you keep pushing toward your dreams!🏡Ladies, do you agree? 🙋‍♀️ Are you staying consistent and committed to finishing Q4 strong in your real estate investing journey? Share your thoughts, and let's support each other because that's what this community is all about!#realestatecoaching #RealEstateMentorship #realestate #femaleinvestor #realestateexpert #realestatecoachingtips #Rei #realestatetips #investinginrealestate #RealEstateInvestingCoach #realestateinvestingtips ... See MoreSee Less
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Real Estate Investing Women
Motivated Seller Leads For Real Estate Investing in 2023 ... See MoreSee Less
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It's Thursday, so we are going Live, and I get to interact with all of you!! I am so excited. 🎉🥳 Who else is excited?We're talking about seller leads, and we are giving away our top 3 ways to find them, and who knows what other golden nuggets we might spill. You know we always give away tons of free information to help your REI journeys.I'd love to hear from you all! Share your experiences with finding seller leads or any tips you have. Let's make this Live session a lively discussion! Who's coming?🙋‍♀️ #realestate #investinginrealestate #femaleentrepreneurs #femaleinvestor #realestatetips #RealEstateMentorship #realestatecoachingtips #Rei #realestateinvestingtips #womeninrealestate #realestatecoaching ... See MoreSee Less
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