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Laura Alamery & Liz Klingseisen

We are Laura and Liz, a mother and daughter team, and the founders of this program for women by women. We have combined experience of over 40 years in real estate investing business and are ready to be your guide.

While a lot of women have a strong desire to succeed in their own business, fear or lack of proper knowledge or encouragement become dream crushers.

Many women aspire to succeed in their own businesses, but often, fear and a lack of.

Women Can Do Everything

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Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

At Real Estate Investing Women (REIW) we know you want to break free from feeling anxious along with a deep sense of frustration from not being able to reach financial independence and a sense of personal security. In order to do that you need a Trusted Guide to help you gain the knowledge required to succeed as a successful real estate investor.

The problem is you feel both intimidated and uncertain about how to get started or take your real estate knowledge to the next level.

We believe you deserve to feel secure and financially independent and can guide you through a plan for successful real estate investing. This set of courses was designed for women by women โ€“ so we understand what itโ€™s like to feel trapped without a clear plan of action, which is why weโ€™ve helped empower hundredsโ€™ of women with our knowledge based investment courses so you can achieve the freedom that only comes from financial independence.

laura & liz

Women Can Do Everything

Blog Articles

Wholesaling 101: Your Gateway to Real Estate

What is Wholesaling? Wholesaling is your entry ticket into real estate without hefty investments. You act as the middle person, connecting motivated sellers with eager buyers and pocketing the difference as your profit. I tell everyone that if they want to learn a lot of the ins and outs of real estate and are new […]

Understanding the 5 Key REI Systems in Real Estate Investing

Success in real estate investing doesn’t happen by chance; it requires a well-structured approach.ย  In this blog, we’ll delve into the five essential REI (Real Estate Investing) systems: Acquisitions, Dispositions, Transaction Coordinator, Property Manager, and Project Manager.ย  These systems are the building blocks of a successful real estate investment strategy, and understanding them is vital […]

Unlocking Financial Freedom: The Power of Private Money in Your Real Estate Journey

Obtaining funding is one of the biggest hurdles in real estate investing. Either you want to buy rental properties, or do fix and flip, knowing how and where to get the money fast is crucial. Furthermore, raising private money is the key to growing your real estate business fast or expanding to the next level. […]

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Real Estate Investing Women
Wholesaling Real Estate 101 ... See MoreSee Less
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Hey everyone!! ๐ŸŒŸ Get ready for an exciting LIVE session today at 11 am EST, where we'll dive into Wholesaling 101โ€”unveiling crucial steps and dropping some serious golden nuggets.Hold on, because there's a fantastic surprise waiting for you! The raffle winner will be announced following the live.Don't miss out! Tune in, bring your PDF guide to take notes, and brace yourself for an information-packed session you won't want to skip! ๐Ÿ’•Join the conversation during the livestream by leaving your comments and questions. We're eager to hear your thoughts and make it an interactive and valuable session.See you soon! Who's coming? โฐ๐Ÿ”ฅ#empowerwomen #Rei #womeninrealestate #RealEstateInvestingCoach #realestatementorship #realestateinvestor #realestateexpert #realestateinvestingtips #realestatecoach #realestatecoach #RealEstateCoaching ... See MoreSee Less
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Hey ladies!!๐Ÿ’•Exciting news โ€“ our REIW merchandise shop is now open! ๐Ÿ›๏ธReady to explore the collection? Head over to realestateinvestingwomen.myshopify.com/ and let us know which item caught your eye! ๐Ÿ’–Because women empower women, let's showcase to the world the unstoppable force of our REIW Community!!#Rei #empowerwomen #womeninrealestate #RealEstateInvestingCoach #realestateinvestingtips #realestatecoach #realestatementorship #RealEstateCoaching #realestateinvestor #realestatementorship #realestateexpert #realestateinvesting ... See MoreSee Less
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