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About Real Estate Investing for Women:

Real Estate Investing for Women is a community of like-minded women, who want to succeed in real estate investing. We believe that support, training and encouragement are all important factors to success, while forming personal connections in a fun and fulfilling environment.

Since women have a natural tendency to tap into their emotions in order to figure out what someone else is going through and use intuition, a ‘gut feeling’, it is natural for a woman to become the best she can be as a real estate investor. We are here to provide mindset breakthroughs and up to date training, which we firmly believe will create longevity and success in real estate investing.

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Blog: Women Investing in Real Estate - Tips & Strategies

Real strategies. Real tips. Real support. The world of real estate investing can be intimidating, especially at the beginning. Where do you start? What is going to take to succeed? This blog is all about giving great advice, recognizing that having the right mindset together with true skills and strategies are essential for a successful career in real estate investing.

We will help you get there by sharing with you the best marketing, real estate strategies and mindset practices that we use ourselves and other successful real estate women and investors.

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Co-Wholesaling Real Estate Investing – The Fastest Way to Wholesale

For real estate investing women, it’s critical to understand all of your options in order to build a strong real estate portfolio Co-wholesaling is one option to add to your list of real estate investing strategies The premise with co-wholesaling is to build effective partnerships, which allow you to close deals more quickly In fact, co-wholesaling is so quick and easy that I often refer to

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Subject To Financing

What is Subject To Financing?

Subject to financing is one of the tools every real estate investor should understand and use as needed to build a real estate portfolio Subject to financing is when the investor or purchaser takes rights to the title for a property while the seller’s existing mortgage stays in place In the simplest terms, the real estate deal is “subject to” the seller’s mortgage financing the

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Creative Real Estate Financing Strategies for Real Estate Investment

Creative real estate investing strategies offer alternative funding options for real estate investors Real estate financing is one of the main barriers to success with real estate investing Even for successful real estate investors, creative real estate financing provides avenues to pursue more investment opportunities Stay on top of your business growth by incorporating creative real estate

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The world of real estate investing can be confusing and hard to navigate without the proper guidance. Learn about our coaching, community and support here.


As a mother and daughter team with decades of combined experience, Real Estate Investing Women, is committed to treating you with the same care and attention that we would a family member.


Liz and Laura regularly facilitate live nationwide seminars and online webinars regarding a variety of topics about real estate investing and breakthrough mindset. Check out our event schedule now.

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Our training webinar offers you an opportunity to learn time-test tips and strategies from Liz and Laura. Each webinar is loaded with actionable information that you can use in your own REI Strategy.

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