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Confidence, Knowledge and Skills to Succeed in
Real Estate Investing

How COVID19 Changed the Real Estate Investing Environment
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Laura’s story on how she started raising private money
In this podcast, we go over: Laura's story on how she got into raising private money; Tips on how to get started and so much more.. ...
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How to Build a Real Estate Investing Business Around Your Lifestyle
Learn how Liz Klingseisen, the co-founder of Real Estate Investing for Women, first got into REI and what she had done to build her business around her lifestyle. ...
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Coronavirus and how it affects Real Estate Investors
In this podcast, we go over: Predicitons of how the coronavirus will affect the real estate market, How this is actually good for you as an investor, Tips and strategies to get into real estate investing if you haven't already ...
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Case Study with Vicky Schettini – Her Buy & Hold Story: 0 to 100 Units in 5 Years
Vicky shares a very powerful message and journey. A true rags to riches story. ...
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Case Study – Buy & Hold and BRRRR Method with Dawn Augsten
Interview with student, Dawn Augsten on BRRR and Buy and Hold. ...
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The 7 Must Do’s For Real Estate Investors
In this podcast, I talk about the 7 must do's for women real estate investors! ...
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Success Interview with Beth Azor – Women Investing in Commercial Real Estate
In this interview, we interview Beth Azor. A woman with 34 years in the commercial real estate investing industry. ...
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Your 2020 Real Estate Investing Forcast
2020 predicitions for your real estate investing career ...
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Disposition For Your Real Estate Investing Business – How I Find Cash Buyers
How we find our cash buyers for wholesale deals! ...
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