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Confidence, Knowledge and Skills to Succeed in
Real Estate Investing

The 7 Must Do’s For Real Estate Investors
In this podcast, I talk about the 7 must do's for women real estate investors! ...
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Success Interview with Beth Azor – Women Investing in Commercial Real Estate
In this interview, we interview Beth Azor. A woman with 34 years in the commercial real estate investing industry. ...
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Your 2020 Real Estate Investing Forcast
2020 predicitions for your real estate investing career ...
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Disposition For Your Real Estate Investing Business – How I Find Cash Buyers
How we find our cash buyers for wholesale deals! ...
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Real Estate Investing Acquisitions– How to Automate and Create Funnels
Real estate is a numbers' game." But what does it exactly mean? Does it mean I have to contact as many potential leads as possible in order to do deals? Yes and no. ...
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Virtual Real Estate Investing Benefits Women Investors
Virtual real estate investing is one strategy that breaks down barriers to entry. Women can access investment opportunities from anywhere... ...
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How to Invest in Real Estate When You Are A Licensed Real Estate Agent
We are asked how can someone invest in real estate when they are an agent? Let Laura explain how she did it for over 30 years as both. ...
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Real Estate Business Automation for Real Estate Investors
Lead generation and Real Estate Business Automation. Having a system in place. Real estate is a numbers game.. ...
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The most important traits to still thrive in real estate after 40 years
In this inspirational interview, I sat down with the of the most influencial women from when I got into the real estate business.. ...
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Success Interview with Rita Medeiros – Long Term Wealth with Buy and Hold
In this podcast we will share how to get into buy and hold and create great income.. ...
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