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Real Estate Investing Women Podcast

Tune in and join us! We host a podcast for women by women who “walk the talk” in real estate investing.

Learn the latest strategies. Listen to some straight talk. And uncover your “Ah-ha” moment with us.

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Your 4 Week Action Plan to Closing Deals in The Next 30 Days!
Tune into this week's podcast where Liz goes over: Setting Up Your 4 Week Action Plan; How You Can Consistent Close Deals Within The Next 30 Days; 5 Day Masterclass Hosted By Laura & Liz; ...
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The ONLY Correct Rule to Use When Making an Offer
Tune into to listen to Laura go over: Why You Should Forget the "Rule of 70!" This is the only rule you need to know when making an offer for Wholesaling, Fix & Flip or Buy & Hold. ...
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How I Started Investing in Rental Properties
Tune into this week's podcast to listen to Laura teach on: Learning strategies from buy and hold, to wholesaling and fix and flip in a community of women investors helping women. ...
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Consistent Closings – The Key to a Successful Real Estate Investing Business
Consistent Closings are crucial to create a consistent income from real estate investing. Tune in to hear Laura's tips on how you can utilize consistent closings to stream in a steady income. ...
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Case Study: Lyn and Jeanne – How they got started and what they learned from beginner mistakes
Laura interviews successful students, Lyn and Jeanne from Saint Louis, as they go over:   How they got started; ...
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The 7 Steps to Transition from a J.O.B to Your Own Real Estate Investing Business
Transitioning out of your current career into REI. How to and what Laura did to make the change in 6 months. ...
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Remote Working Why and How Real Estate Investing is the Perfect Remote Virtual Business
During this presentation, we go over remote working and how we virtually investing in real estate without ever seeing the homes.   ...
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Cash Flow vs Passive Income in Real Estate Investing
Tune into this week's show to learn more about: Short Term Investing vs Long Term: what is the best strategy for you? ...
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3 Most Successful Ways of Getting Seller Leads in Today’s Market
Tune in as Laura and Liz go over the three top ways they are bringing seller leads in at this time. They also give tips for the different strategies they use. ...
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3 Steps to Breakthrough your Real Estate Investing Career NOW
In this podcast, Laura offers insight on: Practical tools & knowledge to help with succeeding in this competitive market; The importance of shifting your beliefs and mindset with the ever changing REI market; ...
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