Student Real Estate Investor Interview – Diane Johnson

Tune into our Podcast with one Diane Johnson, a Real Estate Investing Rock-star, who attended one of our seminars and took that information and hit the ground running.

Diane shares some of the most important guidelines in real estate investing to others who are interested in learning how to build their own business. In the seminars she hosts, Diane shares mastermind techniques and helpful field experience that she obtained through REIW material and guidance.

– Focus – devising a plan and sticking with it will guarantee prosperity. Most successful people throughout history would agree that they stayed dead center focused on the goal they were aiming for.

– Organization – there are mountains of paperwork and crucial, time-sensitive material that is involved when it comes to real estate investing. Having a system in place is important to making sure the checklist is completed on time.

– The Buyers’ List – this is one of the first research topics that should be developed. This list will be where you go to close a sale.

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