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Real Estate Investment for Women

The male dominated world of real estate may feel impenetrable for women investors. At REIW, we created a community specifically designed to support women real estate investors. Our unique training programs, online resources and on-site retreats and events guide and encourage women investors to build a strong real estate investing business.

Join us as we seek the best investment for women through real estate. Learn from other female real estate developers, ask questions, join our community and gain confidence in your ability to run a business.

Our goal is to help all women, including those with financial and social barriers, overcome life’s circumstances to secure financial freedom through real estate. We aren’t like your traditional real estate training program. We focus on the specific needs of women.

Whether you are a black female real estate investor, a single mom, approaching retirement age or haven’t worked in decades, we’re here to support your growth as an independent and strong business owner.

A Personal Note for You

We are Laura and Liz, a mother and daughter team, and the founders of RealEstateInvestingWomen.com. We have over 30 years of combined experience in real estate investing. We’ve been where you are and know that being a woman in real estate requires knowledge, hard work and support from a community of like-minded women.

We’ve experienced first-hand that with the right tools in place, it’s not only possible to create wealth with real estate, but also pursue the bigger WHY and have a POSITIVE impact on the lives of others.

Many women desire financial freedom by establishing their own business. Yet, fear or lack of knowledge and encouragement become dream crushers. Our passion is to help other women overcome the obstacles to success by sharing our experiences and knowledge in a fun and positive environment. We’ve done just that with REIW!

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Join our community of like-minded, women real estate investors dedicated to gaining knowledge and expanding their network. Find the support you want through training, online resources and on-site events.

We created REIW to give you access to the tools you need to build a real estate investing business. Whether you are new to real estate or need to recharge your business, our tools and resources will educate, encourage and empower you to succeed.

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