Real Estate Investing Mentorship

Build Your Real Estate Investing Business with the Support of a Mentor

At REIW, we know the best way to start or grow a real estate investment business is through real estate investing coaching. We developed REIW, to offer training, support and mentorship alongside like-minded women.

What is Real Estate Investment Coaching and Mentoring?

A real estate investing mentor program provides professional insight and one-on-one guidance to understand the business of real estate investing more deeply. The goal of the relationship is to build trust and find encouragement as a woman real estate investor.

Along with the best real estate investing courses, we offer real estate investing seminars and real estate webinars to inform and educate as part of our investing mentor program. We’re dedicated to building your confidence and the skills you need to make smart investment decisions.

Through coaching and mentoring, you have access to detailed information about the types of investment strategies and opportunities available. In addition, we’ll show you the path to create your real estate investment business with resources, like how to write a business plan and build an investment portfolio.

Online Property Investment Coaching

Gone are the days when your only option for support was to search for “real estate investing courses near me”. Instead, today’s virtual world offers access to the best real estate investing coaching programs at your fingertips.

REIW provides both online and on-site options. Join our invitation only Facebook Community simply by filling out our online survey. Ask questions, access resources and add your knowledge to the conversation.

Membership with REIW opens the door to even more resources, like videos, webinars and online training. Start with a personalized coaching consultation to find a property mentor. We’ll work with you to understand your specific needs and the best resources to meet those need.

Work with the Top Real Estate Investing Mentors

Laura and Liz, a mother and daughter team, are the founders of We have over 30 years of combined real estate experience and first-hand knowledge of the challenges women face in the real estate investing business.

We’ve learned that not only is it possible to build wealth with real estate, you can also pursue the bigger why and have a positive impact on the lives of others. We share our knowledge and experience through coaching and mentoring for women in real estate to help you find the same success.

Join REIW Today

Along with our online resources, we host retreats and events for women in real estate investing. Become a REIW member or schedule a coaching consultation to start your path to real estate investing success today.

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