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Real Estate Investing Women Podcast

Tune in and join us! We host a podcast for women by women who “walk the talk” in real estate investing.

Learn the latest strategies. Listen to some straight talk. And uncover your “Ah-ha” moment with us.

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Analyzing Real Estate Deals in Today’s Hot Real Estate Market
In this podcast, Laura goes offers insight on: What You'll Need When Writing A Contract; What You Can Expect To See Within The Next 3-6 Months; ...
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International Real Estate Investing in The US From Abroad with Special Guest Lauren Cohen
During this interview, Laura and Lauren go over: When you invest in real estate domestically there are tons of critical items to consider, but when you invest in other countries those items are significantly magnified; ...
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Facts & Trends That Changed the Industry for Real Estate Investing in 2020
In this Podcast, Laura will go over: How working remotely affected the real estate industry, especially in terms of investing. ...
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Student Real Estate Investor Interview – Diane Johnson
Tune into our Podcast with one Diane Johnson, a Real Estate Investing Rock-star, who attended one of our seminars and took that information and hit the ground running. ...
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How to Utilize Your Bookkeeper to Make More Money in Real Estate
In this podcast, we go over: How Bookkeeping Can Make Or Break Your Real Estate Investing Business How Staying Up to Date with the Numbers Can Help You Decide What Your Next Business Decision Will Be How to Keep Track of What Works and What Doesn't Work for Your Business What Questions You Should Ask When Looking For A Bookkeeper and so much more! ...
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How to Celebrate Thanksgiving Through Real Estate Investing with 7 Ideas
In this podcast, Laura goes over: What You Can do to Give Back to the Community During the Holidays How Paying Your Profits Forward Can Improve Your Mindset How to Use Real Estate to Gift A Loved One ...
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The 5 Biggest Wholesaling Real Estate Challenges in Today’s Market
Laura goes over how some of the challenges that Wholesalers face within the Real Estate Investing Field. Find out how investors stay on on their toes by the solutions they use to overcome obstacles in today's market. ...
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How COVID19 Changed the Real Estate Investing Environment
In this podcast, we go over: How Covid Impacted the Real Estate Investing Market How Business's Have Transitioned to Being Virtual How to Communicate With Buyer's and Seller's Through Social Distancing and so much more! ...
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Laura’s story on how she started raising private money
In this podcast, we go over: Laura's story on how she got into raising private money; Tips on how to get started and so much more.. ...
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How to Build a Real Estate Investing Business Around Your Lifestyle
Learn how Liz Klingseisen, the co-founder of Real Estate Investing for Women, first got into REI and what she had done to build her business around her lifestyle. ...
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