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Confidence, Knowledge and Skills to Succeed in
Real Estate Investing

Success Interview – Karen Swinger
One of our students, Karen Swinger, shares her success in REI. ...
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Mindset Monday – What I Learned in 30+ Years in the Business
In this podcast Laura Alamery will share her story and journey as a real estate investor with 30+ years in the business. ...
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The 3 Secrets to Successful Real Estate Investing
In this podcast I will discuss the 3 secrets to become a successful real estate investor. After working for so many years with real estate investors, I have gained knowledge and insight on what are the traits that distinguish a successful real ...
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Why November is the Best Month for Real Estate Investing?
It's a common belief that real estate sales slow down at the end of the year, because of the holidays and schools being in full swing. This is not the case for real estate investing. Actually November and December ...
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Making Money in Real Estate Investing
Making Money in Real Estate Investing - In this podcast, you will find out that it takes more than skills and know-how. Most want-to-be real estate investors have the general knowledge, but they don't know how to properly apply ...
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How to Become a Real Estate Investor
How to become a real estate investor? It might seem as a redundant or rhetorical question, especially if you are already in real estate or started your knowledge/education process. However there is the right way and the wrong way ...
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How to Build a Responsive and Qualified Real Estate Buyers List
In this podcast I will discuss the best techniques that I have personally used to collect and qualify a responsive buyers’ list. Let's face it. In real estate investing, especially when it comes to wholesaling, the money is in the list: your end ...
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Real Estate Investing with No Money or Credit.
Real Estate Investing, with no money, or credit, or even a job? During this podcast you will learn how it is possible to make money in real estate, with no money, assets, credit, job or income. For as long as real estate has been an ...
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How to Find the Right Live Real Estate Investing Event?
As Zig Ziglar stated, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” In this podcast I will talk about what to look for when attending live events: from local REIA meetings to networking ...
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Hard Money versus Private Money – Real Estate Investing Strategy of the Week
This week I will discuss Hard Money versus Private Money. Advantages and Disadvantages. How and When to Use Hard Money. How to Locate Private Money. Becoming a Hard Money Lender... and more.You will be able to call in live ...
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