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Tune in and join us! We host a podcast for women by women who “walk the talk” in real estate investing.

Learn the latest strategies. Listen to some straight talk. And uncover your “Ah-ha” moment with us.

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Confidence, Knowledge and Skills to Succeed in Real Estate Investing

The Time is Now Podcast.

Today Dawn has over 50 rental doors in multiple markets and over 25 listings on Airbnb and other short and
How Sabrina escalated to a $21mil AirBnb business in just 12 months The do's and don'ts of starting a short
The importance of having a business entity for real estate investing and the difference between establishing a LLC or a
The culture and expectations of luxury buyers and seller Giving back - the power of philanthropy Your "Net-worth" is your
Today we discuss: -What it's like running a mother-daughter real estate investing business. -What are your options if you want
The podcast was about virtual buy and hold in multi family properties across 8 states. In today's podcast we discuss:
Today we discuss: -How to get started in assisted living investing, location is critical. -The difference between RALAcademy and the
Today we will talk about: Real estate investing Helping marginalized communities Advice to women investors is to take out the
Points we cover: Transitioning from residential to commercial and industrial properties. How to invest as a woman using your feminine
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