5 Steps on How to Develop a Change Ready Mindset

Are you ready for some drastic changes in your life?

Life, as you know it, is a product of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. I was reading a quote by Oscar Wilde today (I am in Dublin, Ireland, and I went to see his house,) and he said, “One’s real life is often the life that one does not lead.”

Are you a spectator of your own life? How do you achieve the life that you really want?

By having a Change Ready Mindset.

These are 5 steps to develop a “new” mindset:

  1. Understand the Change: be honest with yourself. Define your goals and priorities. Having a clear sense of purpose will help you navigate changes with purpose and determination.
  2. Engage with the Change: simply make the decision that you have to change your habits and your mind. There is no option B.
  3. Use a Framework: there are tools to help you solidify the change. Journaling and meditation are very effective. My favorite framework is developing awareness of where you are now and what you want to achieve, trusting your gut feeling to point you in the right direction, and finally, making a decision and taking inspired action.
  4. Embrace Learning: cultivate a willingness to learn and adapt. See change as an opportunity to gain new skills and insights.
  5. And the #1 Tip for Exciting Results: believe and expect with all your heart that you can do it. 

Depending on where you are in your mindset journey and your limiting beliefs (if any) will determine how much time and effort it might take. But the outcome is always worth it.