What Is Virtual Wholesaling?

Virtual wholesaling is a real estate strategy that involves buying and selling properties mainly “sight unseen.” It can be done locally or in other locations, but the common goal is to not be hands on with viewing the property, meeting buyers and sellers, or even sourcing the properties. With the advancements in technology in the…read more

Millionaire Mindset – The 7 Things You Need to Do to Shift to Succeed in Luxury Real Estate Investing

The millionaire mindset refers to a particular set of attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that are commonly associated with individuals who have achieved a high level of financial success. It encompasses the way millionaires think about money, wealth creation, and their overall approach to life and success. In my real estate career spanning over 3 decades,…read more

The Significance of Cash Buyers for Wholesalers

In the world of real estate investing, wholesalers play a crucial role as intermediaries between motivated sellers and potential buyers. These wholesalers are skilled at finding discounted properties and quickly assigning the contracts to interested buyers. While wholesalers may work with buyers who rely on various financing options, cash buyers hold a special place in…read more

Top 3 Ways to Find Seller Leads in Today’s Market

Real estate leads are the “engine” of the real estate investing business, while marketing is the “fuel” that puts the whole business into motion. Real estate is a dynamic and ever-changing business, heavily influenced by the state of the economy and society’s habits and awareness. What worked just a few months ago, does not necessarily…read more

Unlocking Your Potential: Shifting Your Money Mindset

Money can be a complex and challenging topic, influenced by various factors such as upbringing, societal perceptions, and personal experiences. These elements shape our money mindset, but they don’t have to define it indefinitely. The human mind is a powerful tool, capable of transformation when it comes to our thoughts about money. Money is just…read more