Attraction Marketing: 5 Tips to 10x Your Lead Generation

In real estate investing, attraction marketing works as a way to generate leads through connection with your target market. Most buying decisions are influenced by emotions. Attraction marketing uses storytelling to create an emotional connection which then leads to client loyalty. When it is time for the client to make a purchase, they’re more likely to go with a business they like and trust. This works across industries, but translates especially well to real estate investing.

At Real Estate Investing Women (REIW), we’ve developed loyal relationships with many other women real estate investors using attraction marketing. We saw a gap in the male-dominated real estate investing industry where we didn’t feel like the educational, coaching and networking resources available fit our needs. Therefore, we decided to create our own resources to help other women investors learn and grow.

What is Attraction Marketing?
Attraction marketing draws leads by demonstrating how your service or brand positively impacted you personally. This intentional and personal approach builds trust and connection that brings new leads to you. The key with attraction marketing is to use marketing content that builds a relationship that drives quality lead generation.

Quality Over Quantity

With marketing, a large list of email subscribers and social media followers feels good. And, it is! But, quality leads matter more than a large quantity of followers that don’t produce revenue. When done well, attraction marketing not only increases your leads, but it connects with the right leads.

If you are telling the right story using the right channels, you should produce the right leads. That’s what attraction marketing is all about.

Phases of Attraction Marketing

As you begin to use attraction marketing to generate leads, understand the phases. While the goal is to attract leads, you also need to build relationships that then generate income and stay connected through ongoing communication that retains clients.

  • Attract
  • Build Relationship
  • Generate Income
  • Retain

Five Tips to Use Attraction Marketing for 10x Your Current Lead Generation

1 – Understand Your Target Audience

Before you can use any marketing strategy well, you need to understand your target audience. These are the quality leads you want most. Research to determine what problem this group needs to solve. Develop marketing collateral that speaks to these needs.

For example, REIW works with female real estate investors to provide training and other resources that help these investors grow their business. We know that women often face barriers different from men investors due to bias, like with securing financing and building partnerships. Therefore, we provide opportunities for women to connect and learn from each other. We understand the problems women investors face because we are women investors.

2 – Use Omnichannel Communication

Omnichannel marketing uses multiple marketing channels to communicate a consistent message with a consistent call to action. Not all marketing channels work well for attention marketing. Focus on the channels that work. Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are great for storytelling. Also, your website is essential for quality attraction marketing.

Even if you use platforms, like social media, operated by another company, you need a website. You control the content on your website while you do not own the content on social media. Use the tools available, but also invest in a storytelling space that you control.

3 – Tell the Story of Your Success

Storytelling is the main element of attraction marketing. You attract leads by connecting with them through storytelling. You explain your service and brand by demonstrating how you benefited from the service or brand. Storytelling translates well in many forms, including video, audio, social media, blogs, eBooks and more.

You must be both honest and genuine with your storytelling. However, this does not mean that you wing it. Good storytelling is cultivated intentionally. A story needs a beginning, middle and end. It also needs a problem or conflict that resolves through the solution you bring. Stories build connection. Design your story to appeal to your target audience.

4 – Provide Free and Valuable Content with a Call to Action

Marketing means you are selling something. Attraction marketing is a tool with a purpose. The goal isn’t to only entertain your audience. The goal is to attract leads that then produce revenue. Each piece of content you send out needs a call to action.

Free content gives your audience something of value before you ask them for anything in return. For example, how-to videos and podcast teach and inform for free. A free eBook provides industry insight while allowing you to collect permission to send prospects email marketing materials. The key is to add value to attract the audience you desire.

5 – Introduce Your Solution

The entire goal with attraction marketing is to sell your solution in a way that makes the prospect come to you. You see this often with multilevel marketing where the seller shows a before and after image during a makeup tutorial. The audience wants the products that produced such a major change. The same works for real estate investing.

Show your audience how real estate investing changed your life. Attract buyers by telling them about your dream home. Or, how owning rental properties produced passive income that led to financial security. Ultimately, you must put your solution at the center of the story. Your solution is the hero.

Use Attraction Marketing to Increase Lead Generation

At REIW, we help women investors learn the best strategies to grow your real estate investing business. Attraction marketing is one strategy that works well to build relationships and loyalty that grows leads and increases revenues.

Join the REIW community to connect with likeminded women and learn from the experience of other women investors.

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