Co-Wholesaling Real Estate Investing – The Fastest Way to Wholesale

For real estate investing women, it’s critical to understand all of your options in order to build a strong real estate portfolio. Co-wholesaling is one option to add to your list of real estate investing strategies. The premise with co-wholesaling is to build effective partnerships, which allow you to close deals more quickly. In fact,…read more

Subject To Financing

What is Subject To Financing?

Subject to financing is one of the tools every real estate investor should understand and use as needed to build a real estate portfolio. Subject to financing is when the investor or purchaser takes rights to the title for a property while the seller’s existing mortgage stays in place. In the simplest terms, the real…read more

Creative Real Estate Financing Strategies for Real Estate Investment

Creative real estate investing strategies offer alternative funding options for real estate investors. Real estate financing is one of the main barriers to success with real estate investing. Even for successful real estate investors, creative real estate financing provides avenues to pursue more investment opportunities...…read more

real estate investing with no money

How to Break into Real Estate Investing with No Money

Real estate investing offers lucrative financial benefits; however, not everyone has the start-up capital to start a self-funded real estate investing business. Even experienced real estate investors sometimes prefer to find real estate deals that don’t require upfront money. So how do you break into real estate…read more

tax delinquent properties

What Are Tax Delinquent Properties?

In real estate investing, it’s key to find investment opportunities at a price point that allows room for profit in order to make money and continue growing your real estate investment business. Whether you are purchasing an investment property to rent or resale or purchasing a property lien, knowledge of the real estate investing industry…read more

how to buy investment property

How To Buy Investment Property

The decision has been made. You have decided to buy an investment property. But you want to learn how to buy investment property? We know that you have armed yourself with knowledge of the area you want to invest and have a strategic plan to keep you on track. The next choice is which niche…read more