Build the Lifestyle of Your Dreams with Real Estate Investing

As one of the founders of Real Estate Investing for Women (REIW), I understand firsthand the powerful impact of financial freedom through real estate investing. Recently, I took a trip of my dreams. I could never have marked this bucket list item off without my success in real estate investing.

One of our primary goals at REIW is to empower women to live the lives of your dreams by achieving financial independence through real estate investments. Join our group of likeminded women to learn about the industry and gain confidence with encouragement from other women investors.

A Vacation of My Dreams

I just returned from an epic trip that I’ve dreamed about for years. After almost 30 years in real estate, I finally took time to escape and relax as I traveled halfway around the world to Australia. My journey began in San Francisco where I boarded a cruise bound for Australia.

My trip included a stop in Hawaii where I reconnected with an early mentor whose wisdom and inspiration influenced my career. Hear our story on the REIW podcast where she shared insight on her real estate success.

For me, this trip represented what I hope each of you will achieve, the realization of your dreams on your terms. Real estate investing helped me to gain confidence in my ability to run a business that worked for my life as a woman with all that entails, including motherhood.

This dream vacation is only one example of how real estate investing equips me to live the life of my dreams. Each woman’s dream is different, but with the right tools, you too can build your dream life through real estate investing.

What’s Your Dream for Your Life?

One of my dreams was a cruise around the world. However, you set your own goals for your real estate investment business.

What is your dream?

  • Retire early
  • Pay for your children’s college education
  • Build your dream home
  • Live in the location you want
  • Work from home
  • Travel
  • Pay off your debt

Building a real estate investment business is a path to realize your dreams. No matter how big or small your vision for your life, you are in control when you have your own business. For women, real estate investment creates a wonderful option for financial freedom.

Financial Independence with Real Estate Investing
Did you know that 90% of the world’s millionaires invest in real estate? Real estate investment is a proven path to financial freedom. Why are many women scared to invest in real estate? In my experience, it’s a lack of confidence or fear of failure that keeps women from investing.

Thankfully, REIW offers the tools you need to overcome your fears. We have free online resources, including blogs, videos, eBooks and more. Plus, we have options for paid coaching and mentoring to guide you in building your real estate investment business.

Our main goal is connecting women in the industry to develop a network that learns from each other. Our live events and training offer women investors the chance to connect face-to-face. As an investor, your network is directly linked to your success.

Take the time to learn as you build your business. Don’t let fear keep you from financial independence. You too can live the lifestyle of your dreams.

Four Steps to Build a Real Estate Investment Business

To start building the lifestyle you want, take the first four steps to build your real estate investment business.

1 – Create a Business Plan – I always tell women to create a written business plan that outlines your vision for real estate investing. This includes your financial plan and marketing plan. When you have a written strategy, you’re more likely to follow through.

2 – Invest in Knowledge – Sign up for real estate investment training, attend a live event, or partner with a mentor to learn about the industry. Real estate investment is much more than just owning rental properties.

3 – Explore Funding Options – Did you know you can invest in real estate using other people’s money? You can also find funding options without a large cash down payment. Explore creative funding options to help start with your first investments.

4 – Join a Network – Participating in a network is one of the best ways to build a real estate investing business. This allows you to connect with others in the business. These connections help establish a buyer’s list. You’ll also find the support you need from other industry professionals, like inspectors, real estate attorneys and more.

Real Estate Investing is a Tool to the Life You Want

There are many ways to achieve the life you want. Real estate investing is one tool to give freedom. This includes financial freedom and the freedom to build the schedule you want for your life.

Whether you are a young adult and want to supplement your entry-level salary or are nearing retirement and want an option to stop working at your traditional job, real estate is a solid path forward. Unlike some other side hustle options, real estate investment can be as large or small as you desire. This is truly a business you can craft to fit your life.

Start Today Building Your Dream Lifestyle

Take the first step today to open the door to your dream lifestyle. One easy step is to sign up for a copy of the free eBook, “The Ultimate 7 Simple Steps Guide to Closing a Wholesale Deal in 3 Weeks!”. You’ll gain insight on the key ingredients for real estate investing success.

If you are ready to start building your dream, contact us today to learn more about REIW!