Building Your Real Estate Investing Portfolio as a Female Investor

As a female investor, you may face obstacles your male counterparts never experience. However, you also have access to real estate investing tools to help set you up for success. One such tool is a strong real estate investing portfolio.

Most real estate agents are women; however, male real estate investors still outnumber female, especially for commercial real estate investing. Also, women continue to face more barriers for financing. This means building your real estate investing portfolio is both vital and challenging.

One reason we created Real Estate Investing for Women (REIW) is to empower female investors with the right tools and education to successfully pursue real estate investing. We are a community of likeminded women dedicated to supporting each other.

The goals of real estate investing are to build wealth, gain independence and increase confidence. As you delve into real estate investing for the first time or seek to grow your business, focus on establishing a solid real estate investing portfolio.

Working with a real estate agency is a great way to build wealth. Real estate agents can help you buy and sell properties that are in high demand, and there’s no limit to the potential earnings.

What is a Real Estate Investment Portfolio?

Think of your real estate investing portfolio as your real estate resume. It is basically a track record of your past and present real estate investments. While it sounds simple, your real estate investment portfolio adds value to your business.

Your portfolio establishes creditability. To find success in real estate, a reputation for honesty and reliability matters. This is true with sellers, buyers, partners and lenders. As a female investor, your portfolio shows that you are serious about real estate investing and have the experience to back it up.

Also, your real estate investment portfolio demonstrates your depth and breadth as an investor. The details within your portfolio offer insight into your investment strategies. This shows your knowledge of the business and ability to close a deal.

Unfortunately, in many industries women continue to make less money than equally experienced men. Often, women face a negative perception in business. However, a strong real estate investment portfolio can cut through the bias to give you a seat at the table.

How to Build a Real Estate Investment Portfolio

The first step to build your portfolio is knowledge. To truly embrace the real estate investment industry, learn about more than just rental properties. Deepen your knowledge into the many different types of real estate investment strategies.

A solid portfolio includes a variety of deals. Plus, trying different types of investment strategies protects you during market shifts and adds a variety of income options. Mix buy and hold, fix and flip, wholesale real estate and more to create a mix of long-term, recurring income with short-term profits. Also, be open to new ideas and partnerships. Both offer opportunities for new knowledge and experience.

Look for ways to build your network so that you position yourself to invest in different types of deals. This includes building a qualified buyers list. Connect with other women in the industry to both learn from and share your knowledge. Establishing mutual trust opens the door to more opportunities.

Consider investing in different geographic locations. Virtual real estate investing makes this easier than ever. Most activities for real estate investing can happen with online tools or over the phone. Broaden your reach as an investor with virtual real estate strategies.

What to Include in Your Real Estate Investing Portfolio

For new investors with only a few deals, building your real estate portfolio may feel intimidating. After all, it may seem like everyone around you has a deeper portfolio. Don’t let this feeling of intimidation stifle you! Instead, present what you have in the most professional and useful way.

Like with a resume, your real estate investment portfolio benefits from a stated objective. If you have a mix of rental properties and wholesale deals a stated objective would highlight your desire for passive long-term income with the benefits of short-term gains.

This objective statement demonstrates your understanding of the industry as well as your specific business goals. This is useful in qualifying you as a buyer for other investors’ buyers list so that opportunities for new deals come to you.

Include the numbers for your investments. This includes the purchase price, repair costs, sales price, profits and any other financials relevant to the deal. This information is useful for securing funding and for partnerships. This shows whether the deal made money and your understanding of the financial details of the business.

Your real estate investment portfolio is a beneficial part of your marketing strategy. Present your portfolio in an organized and appealing way. As a female investor create a portfolio designed to build your reputation as a serious investor.

Build a Foundation for Success in Real Estate Investing

Your real estate investing portfolio is a foundation tool for your business. Like your buyers list, a solid portfolio makes running your business more fruitful. Don’t skimp on these details. Instead, take the time to build a strong representation of your business.

One way to gain confidence and knowledge of how to build a solid base for your business is with the right training and network. At Real Estate Investing for Women, we offer both. Our community of likeminded women support each other by offering advice and experiences.

Also, we offer free online resources in combination with paid training and events. Our free resources include blogs, podcasts, eBooks, videos and more. To deepen your industry knowledge and connect with other female investors, sign up for one of our live events.

In addition, we offer coaching and mentoring when you are ready to truly take your business to the next level. At REIW, we have a passion for helping female investors find success through the right tools, like your portfolio, and strategies to build financial freedom and independence.

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