Create Positive Energy to Achieve More Effective Cold Calls

Let’s face it, cold calling can feel intimidating. Yet, it’s an essential element for your real estate investing business. A cold call opens the door to personal connection when seeking buyers or sellers.

Successful cold calls start with a strategic approach. Cultivating positive energy and a positive mindset can shift the dynamic of the call. The energy shift can produce positive results.

The Keys to Successful Cold Callings

Cold calling requires a technical strategy and an intentional mindset. Before reaching out to potential connections, take the time to establish both sides of the equation.

Identify the Purpose

First, understand the reason behind the calling campaign. Are you looking for buyers interested in cash deals? Are you seeking sellers who don’t want to follow the traditional real estate process? The “why” matters to set the right mind frame and tactics.

Create a Calling List

Your time is precious. You don’t want to waste time on fruitless calls. Build a list that matches your purpose. You can pull from your networking list or purchase a targeted list. Also, you can do the work to create your own list. For example, if you are targeting probate properties, you can pull from public records to create a list. The goal is to narrow in on the people most likely to produce a solid connection.

Write a Script

While you don’t want to sound like a robot, it’s a good idea to have a basic script that covers your key points for the call. You don’t want to finally reach someone and stumble through the conversation. A script allows you to think through what you’ll say during the call. Also, a script helps build your confidence. After all, you don’t want to make a negative impression or waste the person’s time.

Set Positive Energy

Your energy comes through when you connect with others. A positive mindset developed through daily habits and affirmations builds a foundation for success. Set aside time to settle your mind and create positive energy before you make calls. The intention to clear your mind of the negative and visualize success works. You’ll experience better results and deepen your network of like-minded individuals.

Maintain Diligence

Even if the call doesn’t produce the immediate result you desire, the connection may lead to an opportunity down the road. Also, when your energy is positive, you’ll more quickly feel negative energy. When you call someone that is negative, you’ll pick up on that and may decide not to pursue the connection. Being in the right mindset can help you focus on the relationships that add value to your life.

Generate Positive Energy for Positive Results

Mindset matters! Whether you are cold callings, closing a deal, or revamping a rental property. Attitude, energy, and mindset determine the path forward. We attract the energy we put out.

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