How to Successfully Attract MORE Income with REI and More

Liz here! Ready to shake up your money game? Tired of being broke or just not reaching the amount you know you’re destined to have? In this blog post, we’ll spill the beans on a money mindset and show you how to double, triple, or even quadruple your income in just one year. 

The key to financial abundance starts with dismantling limiting beliefs. Do you believe making money is hard? Do you believe that money doesn’t grow on trees? Do you think that because of your past, you don’t get to successfully make your own? 

It’s time to shift that mindset. Money is just ENERGY! Challenge yourself to view money as an energy flow, and watch as opportunities unfold. The more positive you are with money and the thoughts surrounding money, the more money that will flow to you. 

Your mindset has the power to make or break your success, right? So the question here is, do you truly believe you can make the money you desire? That’s where you want to start.

Next is trusting your desires. Desires are your compass to success. Follow them, trust your instincts, and take inspired actions. Learn how aligning with your desires can lead to financial freedom. Discover the secrets of getting into a high-vibe state to attract the income you desire. 

You can find out in more detail what I’m speaking about from our live here!

The biggest struggle I see with people attracting more abundance with money is unblocking their limiting beliefs and roadblocks.

Let’s tackle some common roadblocks around money. 

I hear all the time “Well Liz so many people that make a ton of money are actually horrible people and selfish or greedy and take advantage of people and i don’t want to be like that….” NO. Stop that belief!!! You are literally hindering your success with that comment alone. Keep that up with that kind of thinking and you will not make more money…. 

Money just amplifies who you already are inside. If you’re a good person, money just amplifies that! If you’re a greedy person, then yeah, money will amplify that. I am not available to think just because I make a lot of money I’m a horrible person. I’m a d*mn good person. Money amplifies the person that I am. Money helps me change lives across the nation. Money lets me be here for you all and change YOUR lives. 

I use money to support my team which in turn supports their family. I use money to donate to charitable causes. I use money to empower others in real estate investing. I use money to give random gifts to people I love, my students, my community, at my events, and strangers. I use money to pay for more tools to get my business out there to help more sellers and even you guys. Money allows me to do so. It allows me the freedom to do what I want, which is to change other women’s lives. Money is a TOOL I use to better my life and the lives of others around me.

Find out more roadblocks and how to get over them here!

The truth about wealth is that money is a tool, not a measure of character. Learn how successful individuals use their wealth to make a positive impact. Explore your beliefs that money is inconsistent and scarce – a myth that needs debunking. Realize that you have the power to replace and multiply your income.

The journey to financial freedom requires commitment. Discover the importance of mindset in real estate investing – it’s 90% of the game. Commit to change your mindset and become the best version of yourself. Say it loud, “I COMMIT TO CHANGING MY MINDSET TO BEING THE BEST VERSION OF MYSELF.”

I give sooo much in this video that dives much deeper!

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