How to Use Facebook to Find Motivated Sellers

Wise real estate investing women understand the importance of making Facebook a part of an effective marketing strategy. Facebook offers a variety of tools to connect with sellers, buyers and other industry professionals. Specifically, Facebook works great to locate motivated sellers and find new investment opportunities.

Facebook for Women Investors

Social media opened the door for women to create side gigs, participate in multilevel marketing and become influencers. You can use those same skills and tools to grow your real estate investing business.

Facebook works well to promote your overall real estate investing strategy, but it especially provides quick and easy access to build your motivated seller list.

Facebook allows you to establish yourself as an industry expert while communicating with empathy. Plus, Facebook gives you access to more markets to establish your virtual real estate investing business.

What is a Motivated Seller?

A motivated seller benefits from selling a property quickly. They frequently find the benefit of bypassing the traditional real estate sales process to work with a real estate investor. Real estate investors can help property owners with a solution to their real estate issues.

Common Types of Properties for Motivated Sellers

  • Inherited Property
  • Preforeclosure or Foreclosure Property
  • Tax Delinquent Property
  • Probate Property
  • For Sale by Owner Property
  • Absentee Property Owners

Benefits of Using Facebook to Find Motivated Sellers

Social media and online marketing provide a variety of methods to reach your target market. Today many of these tools, including Facebook, use automation to help grow your business exponentially.

  • Cost Effective –Facebook offers an affordable marketing tool for real estate investors.
  • Increase Website Traffic –Use Facebook to drive traffic to your website with ads and posts that link back to your website.
  • Social Proof –Facebook shows potential leads you are a valid player in the industry based on other followers interacting with you.
  • Content Library –Facebook motivates you to create content like posts, blogs, videos, photos and more. This content builds over time to give you a library of original content to share.
  • Build Brand Image –Your brand image helps you stand out from the competition. Using Facebook helps hone your brand image.

How to Use Facebook to Find Motivated Sellers

Locate Distressed Sellers

Most property owners need a motivating reason to sell to a real estate investor at below market value. Facebook gives you a way to communicate with distressed sellers by sharing content that offers a solution to their problem.

Provide value to your target market with relevant posts. Touch on subjects that matter to motivated sellers, like how to avoid foreclosure, navigate a short sale or sell an inherited home virtually.

Focus on Target Areas

Facebook ads let you narrow in on very targeted groups. This includes detailed geographic areas or zip codes. While having many followers is nice, it’s nicer to have followers you can convert.

For virtual investing, it’s also best to choose a few markets. Each area has different regulations for real estate. It’s easier to grow your business with multiple properties in a few areas. Facebook allows you to focus in on these target areas.

Become a Trusted Industry Expert

Think outside the box to communicate your unique message and establish yourself as a trusted
expert. The key with social media marketing is you must give to get. Share content that adds value and isn’t just obvious selling. Consider your areas of expertise and create or share content related to the subject.

Share content from other trusted industry sources. Also, review any content you share to ensure its relevant. If you want to be a trusted source for information, you need quality content that isn’t simply click bate.

Find Qualified Buyers

Facebook works to connect you to potential buyers too. You need buyers to purchase the properties you find from motivated buyers. Communicate the benefits of purchasing real estate through non-traditional methods.

For the best results, focus on specific areas where you operate. Share content about those areas, like local events, businesses, market trends and more. Keep the content relevant to real estate and establishing you as an expert in that area. Facebook photo galleries work to show both available properties and past successes.

Partner with Other Real Estate Professionals

Facebook helps you connect to other professionals in the industry to build your network. A strong network can lead to new deals, like connecting you with motivated sellers. You can expand your reach when you have a team of trusted partners.

Partner with others in the industry for Facebook Live conversations. This demonstrates goodwill and teamwork while growing the influence and audience for both parties.

Start A Facebook Group

Facebook Groups give a members-only feel to your marketing strategy. Start a Facebook Group specific to your market area and each type of motivated seller. For example, you could create a group for probate property owners in Orlando.

After creating a group, invite followers to join the group that fit your target. People on social media don’t always play nice, remember to maintain control by requiring approval for all posts in the group and all new members.

Invest in Facebook to Grow Your Real Estate Business

If you aren’t using Facebook to promote and grow your real estate investing business, don’t delay. Start now by creating a Facebook business page. Facebook gives you an interactive connection to your target audience and lets you drive the narrative for your business.

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