MLS Strategy – How to Use the Largest Real Estate Database to Find Deals to Wholesale, Fix & Flip and Buy & Hold

As a real estate investor, you know a diversified portfolio provides security for your business. Investing using different strategies, in combination with short-term and long-term investments, delivers diversified income. One proven strategy we’ve used for over 20 years is the MLS online real estate investing method.

With this strategy, we use the MLS to locate properties to purchase as wholesale, fix and flip or buy and hold deals. In today’s uncertain world, virtual real estate investment opportunities are more valuable than ever before. The MLS works great as a virtual real estate investing tool.

What is MLS Online Real Estate?

MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service. This is the largest database of current property listings. The MLS provides a list of properties for sale to aid real estate agents as a collaboration tool. The MLS serves to benefit both buyers and sellers to complete real estate transactions effectively.

The MLS includes property details, including days on market, price, price history and property features. The MLS allows users to search for properties with specific data. For example, you can search for properties that have been on the market a certain number of days.

Laura’s MLS Investing Discovery

I discovered the MLS as an investment tool back in 1995 when I needed to sell a few rental properties quickly before an out-of-state move. The properties sold quickly, and I discovered a demand for quality rental properties.

I then decided to try wholesaling using the MLS to locate properties within specific zip codes and with a defined time on the market. I reviewed the list of properties and sent out contracts at a low price. While I received rejections for many of the properties, I also received accepted offers. Plus, after countering, a few more came through.

Over the years, I made improvements to my method to gain more accepted offers. Plus, I learned the value of solid communication and quality relationships. This method presents a win for both the buyer and the seller, I simply needed to understand how to explain the benefits.

The MLS method worked wonderfully to build my wholesale real estate investment strategy. I also found many properties that worked as fix and flips and buy and holds. The MLS proved invaluable for the growth of my real estate investing portfolio.

How to Use the MLS for Real Estate Investing

Even though we started using the MLS investment strategy over two decades ago, it continues to produce results today. In fact, during our current uncertain times, it provides even more value as a virtual investment tool.

Over the years, we’ve not seen other coaches or mentors teach other investors how to use the MLS method. We want to share our MLS strategy with you! We know it works because we built our business using the MLS online real estate investment strategy.

Tips for Using the MLS for Investments:

  • Find properties on the MLS that meet your specific criteria
  • Reach out to the listing agent to explain the benefits of working with an investor
  • Create a contract with all the details for the deal
  • Bring buyers to take over the contract for wholesale deals
  • Close the deal for a profit

We share more details about how to put the MLS to work for you in our online training. You’ll learn:

  • All about this revolutionary investment strategy
  • How to use the MLS without a real estate license
  • How this method is unlike anything else you’ve tried
  • How to work from your computer virtually
  • How to get leads brought to you
  • A step-by-step action plan for success

Benefits of the MLS Strategy

The biggest benefit of learning how to put the MLS to work for you is the countless properties you’ll discover that match your investment strategy. This method works for a variety of investment types, including wholesaling, buy and hold and fix and flip. Whether you want to find new rental properties or close a quick wholesaling deal, the MLS works.

Another major benefit is the ease of using the MLS for your virtual real estate investing strategies. Regardless of current restrictions for property showings, the MLS online real estate tool remains available. You can continue to discover properties from the comfort of your home.

If you are new to real estate investing, using the MLS for wholesaling provides easy access to locate properties. As you make your first profits, you’ll have funds to invest in other properties. The MLS is a great way to build a real estate investing business.

Invest in Online Training

We started REIW because as women investors, we couldn’t find the relevant training we wanted. Therefore, we decided we wanted to help other women investors have the resources we wished we would have had when we started.

Sign up for our MLS strategy training to learn everything you need to know to begin investing in five easy steps. We’ll walk you through the entire process in four training video modules. We even include downloadable contracts and forms for your convenience.