My Thoughts on the Best Banks for Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Bees, an online platform for real estate professionals, has invited me and a few other industry experts to share a few comments on what we think are the best banks for real investing business.

The article, 7 Best Banks for Real Estate Investors Compared, zeroes in on the fees and terms, convenience, and investor-friendliness of each bank that was featured.

It’s an informative write-up that can serve as a guide for real estate investors when contemplating which bank will suit their business interest best.

I was asked to share my thoughts on Bank of America, which was touted in the article as the “Best for Home Equity Loans.”

The article also features a graph that shows the banks preferred by real estate investors today.

The latter part of the article reveals which bank is the best for rental property. I won’t give so much away, so better read the article to know which one.

I’m delighted to have my comments included in this educational article. Hopefully, our comments and the whole article will be able to shed light on the banks to check out when starting in the real estate investing business.

Knowing the banks’ rates and terms, how convenient it is to do business with them, and how accommodating they are to customers is the first step to banking smartly as a real estate investor.