Real Estate Marketing Automation – The Key to Freedom with REI

The key to success with real estate investing rests in the ability to have leads come to you. Real estate marketing automation is the system that makes it possible to generate leads on auto pilot. With the right tools, strategy and guidance, you can create a lead generation machine based on marketing automation.

The Problem of Locating Deals

We often see real estate investors that simply can’t figure out how to close enough deals to build a career in real estate investing. While they may close a few deals here or there, they don’t have the volume needed to build wealth. Our advice in these cases is to invest in real estate marketing automation.

The core problem is a lack of leads. When you try to manually find properties and reach out directly to each lead, you limit the amount of deals you touch to your available time. Real estate is a numbers game, meaning you need to the ability to connect with more buyers and sellers if you want to create a sustainable business.

What is Real Estate Marketing Automation?

Real estate marketing automation is the process of incorporating marketing strategies with the intent of connecting with leads systematically. Marketing automation uses a combination of basic marketing tools, software and human interaction.

Thankfully, today there are many affordable tools available for real estate investors to build marketing automation into your business. We aren’t suggesting you forego relationships when building your business. In fact, we suggest the opposite. When you spend less time behind the computer or on the road searching for properties, you can spend more time investing in relationships.

The best real estate marketing automation tools allow real estate investors to deliver real-time and personalized messages to prospects. You then increase your reach which produces more leads. Targeted marketing with personalization works for real estate investors.

Three Areas of Your Business to Create Automation

Automation works better for some areas of real estate marketing than others. Focus on the areas where automation creates maximum results to use your budget and resources wisely.

Property Acquisition

Marketing automation for acquisitions creates incoming lead funnels. Acquisitions translate well to automation and when done right can lead to exponential growth. Acquisition automation qualifies leads to bring you the sellers with the most potential.

However, once you have a qualified lead, human interaction matters. Approach the sellers on a personal level. Also, keep negotiations and closings personal. These are the areas where relationship building serves to form a good reputation and trust.

Property Disposition

Disposition is the process of selling a property. Automation works well for attracting buyers. Especially for wholesaling, you need to find a buyer quickly. Finding and qualifying the right buyers list are keys in this process. You can use automation to build your buyers list. Then, once you have a strong buyers list, you can easily automate the process of reaching out to those potential buyers.

Remember, it’s important to communicate effectively with the buyers and nurture the buyers through the sales process. Human interaction at this stage helps ensure the process flows smoothly through the closing and builds trust for future deals.

Property Management and Project Management

Once you have acquired properties, you can use automation to manage those properties. For example, rental properties require property management to maintain the property and conduct rent collection. Automation with property management software works well to streamline property management and require less manual effort. This saves you time!

For fix and flip properties, project management tools keep the project on track, reduces mistakes and may save you money in the long run. With fix and flips keeping your project on schedule and budget improves your profitability.

How Automation Builds Wealth in Real Estate Investing

Automation frees up your time which allows you to invest in more properties. When you don’t have to personally contact each prospect, buyer or renter, you have more energy to focus on growing your business.

With automation in place, your business has the potential for exponential growth. Your business can expand into other markets and diversify your investment strategies. As your business grows, you become less tethered to local market conditions. Expansion and diversification not only grow your wealth but protects your business from market volatility.

With the right marketing automation tools, you have the freedom to work and live where you want. Plus, your business can grow into multiple markets using virtual real estate investing. Put the tools in place to make your business run more efficiently and effectively through real estate investing marketing automation.

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