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Successful Habits to Drive Real Estate Success


Real estate success is best achieved by routine. Routine can easily be interpreted by assimilation; one’s surroundings are a direct result of behaviors and coordinating thoughts. Experts believe that positive and negative thought processes are just the tip of the iceberg when determining the consummation of routine. When positive thoughts are incorporated into everyday thinking, the person tends to be more upbeat and positive. But when negativity breaks the surface, it’s obvious that there’s a correlation between bad attitude and ‘woah is me’ culture. And this is where successful habits to drive real estate success come in. There is a way to push yourself to the next level without sacrificing routine.

The success of individuals and groups in the real estate investing business is based on more than facts; it’s about drive, passion, and the persistence to overcome impatient thoughts and lack of knowledge. Whether it’s through a mentorship, such as Laura Alamery’s program, or through a coordinating group, such as our foundation at Real Estate Investing for Women, there are many key habits that successful professionals use and process in their lives. Getting into a routine is only the beginning- but it sets up the imbalance that could potentially derail your next real estate deal.

Real Estate Success:

Here are the top six habits successful real estate investors should incorporate into their everyday lives for real estate success:

It’s All About Mindset

As touched upon, positive and negative thinking are key factors in a successful life. If one thinks everything is going to be awful, it’s possible that it will be. But if one focuses on the positive in every situation, even the ones that make us think twice about investments, one’s overall mindset changes, and the professional elements start to see growth as a result of personal gain.


Take time to breathe; and not just for the sake of oxygen intake, but for the sake of well being. Yoga and other relaxation methods are fun; but even just simply taking a walk, enjoying a ten minute session away from your phone, or reading a book are easy ways to allow your mind the opportunity to relax and step away from the chaos of your upcoming real estate deals.

Personal Health

Preparing a fitness routine isn’t always easy, but taking pride in one’s health is a critical process on the path to success. Engaging in regular physical activity, taking steps toward true mental health, and eating energizing foods are just a few simple ways to take care of yourself outside of the work environment.

The Clique

Surrounding oneself with other successful, positive, energizing individuals is easier said than done; but those who experience the height of success often find themselves in powerful circles that provide not only support, but true encouragement. The saying that ‘you are the five people you surround yourself with’ tends to be true, and is a critical part of succeeding in any position, professional or otherwise.

Delegate Time

There’s a time and a place for everything, and delegating one’s time between personal and business is of the utmost importance. While playing a game on one’s phone may seem like the perfect way to kill time, it’s also a waste of the time one may have that could be put to better use elsewhere. Scheduling out work hours, spending time away from the phone, and limiting social media exposure when not for business are just a few ways that time can be put to better use for the individual.


Education doesn’t necessarily mean enrolling at the nearest university; education can play into a number of growth factors through a variety of sources. Whether it’s taking a real estate education course, attending a class at a community college, learning a second language, or reading valuable insight from a real estate mentor, educational resources are available to anyone seeking information expansion.

Encouraging positivity and self-motivation are the biggest factors in the success of the professional, whether it’s in real estate or other environments. Success isn’t necessarily determined by fate or even hard work; negativity, a lack of knowledge, and disorganization can easily take away from the most worthy of individuals. There’s inspiration behind advocacy, and Real Estate Investing for Women incorporates this inspiration by involving tools and positivity that future real estate investors and professionals can bring into their business environments. For more information on this investment endeavor, click here.

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