Rewire Your Brain to Triumph in Life and Real Estate

I talk to women every day and they even admit, it’s their mindset that keeps them from success. 

Fear of failure, fear of mistakes, fear of success, fear of the unknown, fear of investing and losing money, the list goes on and on.

Let’s talk about how to change those thoughts into something that serves you, not inhibits you.

80% of your business will run on your mindset, 20% actually comes from tools, tactics, and strategies.

On numerous Real Estate Investing Women (REIW) calls, we’ve discussed how mindset is the foundation of where we stand in life. It’s often the barrier between us and our success, dominated by fears—of failure, of the unknown, and even of success itself.

It’s crucial to recognize that the life we live is the one we’re willing to accept. 

How many of us remain in unsatisfying jobs, relationships, or financial states because they’re familiar? We often default to the known when faced with the unknown. 

However, if you’re reading this, it’s a sign you’re ready for a change.

To create lasting change, commitment and consistency is key. It requires a shift at a fundamental level, a full commitment to rewiring your brain.

It’s time to take action… 

Desiring a different life can’t just be a coincidence—it’s a signal that you’re meant for more. Real change, however, begins with honesty about our current situations and a willingness to step into discomfort. What is it about your life you’re unhappy with? Figuring that out gives you a good starting point on where to go next.

Dale Carnegie once said, “Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage.” 

If you want to conquer fear, you need to get busy. Not just busy, but busy with the right steps.

This is the essence of transformation. Every significant change requires action—not just thoughts or plans.

Here are some tips…

  1. Set Realistic Goals: Understand your objectives and plan your route. Most of you know what you need to know, you just need to start doing the actual steps.
  2. Gain Knowledge: Continual learning is essential. Engage with mentors and peers who push you forward. We offer mentorship programs to help you on your journey in REI.
  3. Practice Self-Care: Never underestimate the power of well-being on your productivity. You can’t pour into someone else’s cup from an empty cup.
  4. Encourage Positive Thinking: Surround yourself with positivity, and practice gratitude and affirmations diligently. We all know I am the affirmation queen. I post daily affirmations to help the ladies start their day off right in our Facebook group.

Remember that the journey is about continuous action and reassessment. It’s about making the decision to not just dream but do.

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