interview with real estate investing student

Student Investor Series: Diane Johnson

I was recently inspired to create a new Student Investor Series, in order to allow some of my students to express to you their own thoughts on how they have achieved success as a real estate investor. My hope is that you will hear their stories, and see that it really is possible to dream big and achieve great things in this business!

As a coach, mentor, investor, real estate agent, I have been in the business for almost 30 years. After so much time in the industry, it’s sometimes easy to just take things in stride – which is why I wanted to give you a very different perspective from my students who were brand new to real estate investing.

Introducing Diane Johnson

One evening in 2013, I met Diane Johnson at a  St Louis, Missouri, real estate networking club meeting I was holding there. She came to the training with the idea of promoting her existing small business, but quickly shifted her priorities! When Diane heard the success stories and experiences of myself and another real estate mentor – she made the decision to refocus her efforts on a real estate investing career.

Within 7 days, Diane had absorbed all the materials, and within another 3 short weeks she actually closed her 1st deal! If you don’t believe it, just take a look at the check copy in her review!

Fast forward three years…and Diane Johnson is a successful and accomplished investor of real estate, who buys and holds and also wholesales. Additionally, she works with local students as my co-coach in St. Louis. Using the Laura Alamery methods and materials, she mentors in the field and also hosts mastermind meetings!

Student Investor Success

As you listen to our recent audio interview, you will notice how strongly she believes in these core REI concepts, which I always strive to re-enforce as well:

  1. A Buyers’ List is Essential – in fact, that’s where the money is. Your buyers’ list is the money for your deal.
  2. Building Your System – Diane speaks about building a system for absolutely everything she undertakes;
  3. Focus, Focus – you have to be real serious that real estate investing success is something you want very badly.

My hope is that you will find this student investor interview both encouraging as well as inspiring. I’m sure you’ll come away with new ideas on how to be a true success in real estate investing – whether or not you have money, a job or any experience under your belt. Diane took hold of the dream, and shortly thereafter she bought her first property with just $1.00!

Come join one of our real estate investing webinars this week! Meet Liz & Laura, and get a sense of just how much you can gain by taking an in-depth REI course – and maybe even jumping right into personal coaching.