The 5 Best Real Estate Investing Podcasts for Women in Real Estate

Real estate investing podcasts have been increasingly becoming more popular in the last couple of years. They can be a great resource to learn about different approaches to real estate investing and being part of a community of like-minded people.

These are our recommendations of our favorite podcasts that address not only real estate investing, but also mindset, which is crucial to success in real estate as well.

The Real Estate InvestHER Podcast

This is a very good podcast that talks about different strategies in real estate investing, but also it goes into mindset issues, especially as it relates to women who are considering a career in real estate investing.

We like the format of bringing real life investing and experience via interviews with women so the listeners can learn from their experience.

Listen to The Real Estate InvestHER Podcast

Business Unusual Podcast with Barbara Corcoran

As many of you know, Barbara Corcoran is one of the “sharks” on Shark Tank. She made her fortune with real estate and now consults for a lot of small businesses, besides real estate.
We love her attitude and wisdom. She always talks about something in her podcasts that truly touches a pain point.

She is a “serial entrepreneur” at heart and she understands women wanting to break into their own business and create success in their own right.

Listen to Business Unusual

The REITE Club Podcast

This podcast labels itself “real estate investing for Canadians,” but we like the fact that all their podcasts are geared about thinking outside the box when it comes to real estate investing. They host interviews with real estate investors who have created real estate portfolios from nothing and discuss topics that get you thinking in alternative ways to investing.

This type of knowledge and inspiration is universal.

Listen to The REITE Club Podcast

The Real Wealth Show Podcast

This podcast has been around for a very long time and it provides a lot of great valuable information, especially as it comes to building a long term wealth (rentals) portfolio.

The hosts interviews knowledgeable speakers on a variety of topics on how to invest in rentals with creative financing, self-directed IRAs and 401ks and syndication.

It is great information even for the new investor who is looking to get into buy and hold, but she is not sure how to get started and find funding.

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Real Estate Investing Women Podcast

This is our own podcast, designed to empower women with true and tried knowledge of real estate investing. Our belief is that real estate investing should be a tool to build the life that you want, not the other way around.

We share our own experience on how we developed strategies from wholesaling, to fix and flip, buy and hold and raising private money. We interview other women who are real estate investors and how they built their own business. Plus news, trends and mindset tips to jumpstart your success in this exciting business.

Listen to the Real Estate Investing Women Podcast

Tips on How to Get the Most Out Of Listening to Real Estate Investing Podcasts

  • Write down any takeaways from a podcast. If you can’t write down at the moment, pause the podcast and record a voice memo.
    Podcasts listening sparks ideas and gets you thinking.
  • Listen to podcasts while you are driving, working out, going for a walk or cooking dinner. But actively listen. Don’t just let a podcast become background noise.
  • Create “Wish Lists” of favorite podcasts and books recommendations. A lot of books are also in audio format that you can get via your library or on Amazon Audible. They are basically extended podcasts.

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