Top Female Business Owners

Top Female Business Owners

Top female business owners: whatever the reason is that nudged thesetop female business owners into breaking away from someone else’s thumb and starting their own businesses, it’s clear that they all have certain things in common. They all have in-depth business experience that comes from years of hard work. They’ve all pushed past and exceeded the expectations that others have placed on them, and treat those who work under them with the respect they deserve. And most importantly, these top female business owners are all willing to do what it takes to build their businesses from the ground up and achieve their dreams.

Top Female Business Owners:

The first of these top female business owners on this list is well known figurehead Ivanka Trump.
Though a celebrity in her birthright aside, Ivanka has been making strides in deal making and spearheading highly competitive projects. Along with helping to continue her family’s legacy by flushing out the Trump Hotel collection from 12 to 30, this top female business owner is also the founder of The Ivanka Trump Collection – clothing and footwear growing into eleven different product lines and is sold in several department stores.

The next woman on this list is small business owner Jane Hilboldt, founder of Hilboldt Curtainwall Inc., a commercial construction company specializing in the engineering, fabrication, and
installation of exterior wall systems. To help her learn the ins and out of her industry, Hilboldt joined Women Construction Owners and Executives (WCOE,) which remains one of her biggest support systems to this day, where she goes with any questions or problems she may have. With her support system and her hard work and dedication, Hilboldt Curtainwall is known as a regional expert with a 20 million dollar backlog. Hilboldt recognizes how much is tied to her company’s success, and cites her continued success to always surrounding herself with good people and to staying open to continually learning something new every day.

The next woman on this this of top female business owners is Dede Strano, Co-founder of Strano and Associates, a real estate agency based in Southern Illinois. After getting her real estate
license, Strano honed her skills at a family owned company for six years before establishing Strano and Associates with her husband Bob, in 1981. Despite an ailing economy and soaring interest rates, the Stranos persevered and stayed positive – making the remarkable achievement of making their five year goal in their first year alone. Strano has continued to work hard and prove herself as the company’s leader, keeping business booming for over 30 years and taking the company in new and lucrative directions. Strano believes she’s gotten as far as she has by following the Golden Rule, and has been quoted as saying, “when brokers come to me with problems, I often ask, ‘if this situation were reversed, how would you like it to be handled?’”

This is just a tiny look into the top female business owners out there today. And with these success stories, it’s easy to see why women breaking into male dominated roles and shattering any and all expectations is becoming the norm these days. Sure it takes hard work and dedication in order to gain the respect that these women have with their businesses, but once you’re able to take a step back and look over your success, you’ll see just how much it’s worth in the long run.


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