What Exactly Does a Real Estate Coach Do?

What Exactly Does a Real Estate Coach Do?

The best real estate agents do not emerge overnight. What differentiates these professionals from the mediocre is the real estate coaching mentoring they receive. The best real estate coaches guide aspirants through real estate investing, helping them transform their aspirations into “real” ties.

A real estate coach equips you with the skills and wisdom needed to make your real estate investing business a success. He/ she works with you to set/ understand your business goals. A coach guides you in discovering different ways to achieve these goals.

A coach makes an impact by enabling you to start, stop or change your existing approach. The change can be made to your existing strategies, practices, or even your mindset. With a real estate coach by your side, you can be sure that you are headed on the right path.

New to real estate investing? Then this beginner guide should be your starting point.

How does real estate coaching mentoring ensure your real estate success?

A real estate coach essentially delivers the mentorship required to transform you into a successful real estate agent. Coaches take upon the role of a teacher, educating you about the elements of the business.

The mentorship typically provides insights into skills, practices, and practical knowledge not usually available in the conventional study. For example, they can show you the aspects that went wrong with a deal and why it fell through. The best coaches also help you achieve a fine balance in pleasing clients without sacrificing your principles.

Coaches associated with the top real estate investing programs work to impart clarity to aspirants’ thought processes. This clarity is key to real estate success. It ensures that agents make decisions in a well-informed and rational way, and not on impulse.

A pre-drawn contract often determines the style of payment for a coach. This may involve sharing profits on the sales you make.

Of course, the first step to success is knowing if you really want to be a real estate investor. This guide might just be the inspiration you need to make a decision.

Women real estate investors, or aspirants with a keen interest in real estate investing, can benefit from Real Estate Investing Women (REIW).

Founded by the mother-daughter team Laura and Liz, REIW real estate coaching mentoring has been built for women specifically. Women with different real estate experience levels can benefit from the customized coaching programs here.

What makes a real estate coach the best?

If you are considering enrolling in real estate coaching programs, then start with the coach. Looking for specific attributes in addition to technical skills can help you assess the efficacy of the program.


Specialized experience in real estate is the starting point. Are you looking for commercial, residential, hybrid, or other expertise? A coach with the specialized experience you are seeking can help achieve success faster with their network and expertise.

Assess the coach on their experience and achievements.

It would help if you find a coach who has achieved what you would want for yourself. You will have a better connection with such coaches. You will also have more confidence in such a coach, which makes the client-coach journey easy and successful.

Laura at REIW comes with 30+ years of real estate experience and Liz holds a Medical Assistant Diploma. Know more about their story here.

A teacher with compassion

Real estate is cut-throat in competition. It can be overwhelming for not only starters but also people with experience. A coach that understands not only the technicalities of real estate but also the human side of it is great to have.

Such mentors can hone your expertise so that you cope with the cut-throat side of the domain better. A mentor’s compassion equips you with the wisdom essential to sail through tougher situations.

At REIW, Laura has an in-depth understanding of the domain. She has used her skills to create a successful real estate portfolio across Hawaii, South Florida, and the Midwest. As a woman that had had her own struggles to combat, Laura understands the way to success amidst struggles is through compassion.

Her clients vouch for her mentorship, which combines compassion with a no-nonsense approach and practical advice.

Liz had her own struggles when she left a secure career to follow her entrepreneurial passion. She weaves teaching with client experiences to make learning easier.

She encourages client members to share their good and bad experiences so that everyone benefits from the learnings. Learning is vast and thorough as the client group comprises members from various levels of expertise.

Together, this mother-daughter duo can help you attain long-lasting real estate success.

Know more about their approach here.

Keeps you challenged

Women seeking real estate success and financial independence can realize their dreams with custom-designed training programs at REIW. A well-devised real estate investor marketing plan is available for women at different key points of their lives.

A real estate professional looking for the best investment strategies? Trust Laura and Liz to coach you with the best advice.

From instant tips for real estate success to step-by-step guidance by a mentor, get all real estate expertise and assistance here.

Is accountable

The best real estate investing coaching programs are designed by coaches that walk the talk. They not only make promises but also strive hard with clients to deliver on these promises. A great coach shows the way and motivates you to discover the right path yourself. This way you earn your own success.

Whether it is a small win or a big loss, a great coach never refrains from celebrating your sincere journey.

Hundreds of clients have defined their success at REIW. Discover their stories here.


A real estate coach empowers you with advice, skills, and discipline, essential to achieve your real estate goals. An experienced coach prepares you for life-long success by motivating you to shape yourself for your personal and professional success.

When led by the right team, real estate coaching mentoring goes beyond being just another training program. It becomes a gateway to mastering your life and career.

Choose wisely when it comes to choosing your coach. The more specialized and comprehensive a coach’s experience, the greater the chances of success.

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