Why Are So Few Women Investing in Real Estate?

As a female real estate investor, I’ve often been the only woman in the room at real estate investing events. While there are lots of female real estate agents, there are far fewer women real estate investors. This is one reason I am passionate about the mission of Real Estate Investing for Women, REIW.

The real estate investment industry needs smart and dedicated women to join the ranks of other real estate investors. Not only are women good for the industry, but real estate investing is good for women. It’s important to have financial independence as a female, and real estate investments continue to perform better than stocks long-term.

If you want a path to financial freedom while building your own business, real estate investment is for you. Don’t let the lack of women in this industry intimidate you, because REIW is here to help guide you on the path to real estate investing success.

Barriers to Women Entering Real Estate Investing
We understand women face unique barriers to starting a real estate investing business. However, we know you can overcome these and other barriers with the right tools and support.

1 – Lack of Knowledge
Did you know that women are just as willing to take risks as men? Recent research suggests bias in older studies that identified men as riskier than women. In fact, it’s really the types of risk men and women take that differ. However, one barrier women face different from men is a lack of knowledge.

Because men dominate real estate investing, knowledge about the industry more easily passes on to new male investors. That’s why it’s so important for women to take the time to learn about the industry. Thankfully, women now have many options to learn, including real estate investing coaching and online training.

2 – Wage Gap
The wage gap still exists with women making on average 80.5 cents compared to each dollar men earn. This means women have less money to invest. While this is not fair, it’s reality. That means finding a community of supportive women that understand your struggles is vital to your success as a real estate investor.

The good news is that with the right strategies and network, you can invest in real estate with little or no money. In fact, it’s even possible to invest in real estate with other people’s money. At REIW, we help women learn the best methods to find financing for real estate investing deals.

3 – Fear of Failure
We know taking the chance on real estate investing is scary. No one wants to fail, and a fear of failure is an honest concern. But, that’s why we love REIW. Our community of likeminded women support each other to help you gain the confidence you need to overcome fear.

The biggest antidote to fear is knowledge and experience. When you take the time to learn about the industry and tools to succeed, your fear will lessen. As you conquer your apprehension and make your first deals, you’ll gain the experience and confidence you need to build a business in real estate investing.

4 – Guilt About Spending Money
Did you know that when women earn money they invest their income back into their families which benefits society as a whole? The world benefits when women have access to more income. Yet, women often feel guilty about spending money on investments.

We’re here to help you see this differently. Real estate investing is a way to grow your income so that you have more money to support your family and your future. Real estate investment isn’t a selfish use of your time or money, it’s a smart business strategy.

Steps to Real Estate Investing Success
At REIW, we’ve proven women can succeed in real estate investing. We know firsthand the benefits of financial freedom and professional achievement. We want to help you build a strong and lasting real estate investing business.

  • Find Your Tribe – At REIW, we’ve created a community of likeminded real estate investing women that support each other.
  • Learn the Industry – We offer resources to help you gain the knowledge you need to succeed. We offer online courses, seminars and coaching for women just like you!
  • Take a Risk – Once you have the knowledge and tools in place, it’s time to make your first deal. We provide strategies and tips to guide you through your first investments.
  • Build Your Portfolio – One key to long-term real estate investing is a solid portfolio. Invest in different types of real estate deals to deepen your portfolio and determine which types of real estate investments work best for you.
  • Help Others – Part of the REIW strategy is to invest in the community so that everyone benefits. This means that once you’ve ventured out into the investing world, you share your experience and knowledge to help others learn and succeed.

Start Your Path to Real Estate Investing Today!
The real estate investing industry needs more female investors. We are here to help you learn, connect and grow. We understand it’s intimidating to enter a male dominated industry. That’s why we developed REIW!

We all benefit when women work together. At REIW, we provide access to connect with other female investors online, at live events and through real estate investing mentorships. In addition, we offer online training, eBooks, videos and more to inform you about the industry and strategies to create and grow your real estate investing business.

Contact us today to schedule a coaching consultation or visit us online to learn more about REIW.