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Why Women Make Great Real Estate Investors

“Recognize your strength, leverage your natural abilities and believe in yourself. You have everything in you that it takes to be successful as a real estate investor.” Laura Alamery

In 1987 when I got started in real estate in Honolulu as an agent, I went to work for Dolman and Associates. Vi Dolman, the owner and principal broker of the company, believed that women made better agents and real estate investors than men. In our office, 74 of the 75 agents were women; the one male agent was working exclusively in the Japanese market with the clientele he was bringing to the company himself.

Vi Dolman had started in real estate back in the ’50s, as a mother with 2 small children. She was determined to create a successful career for herself and her family, and she did. When I met her in the ’80s, she owned 3 large real estate offices on the island of Oahu and was personally involved with new construction developments and investments there as well.

I learned a lot from Vi and the other agents at our company. Determination, perseverance, goal setting and contagious optimism were some of the traits that I admired as a young real estate agent and entrepreneur.

Women are Naturals

Women are biologically wired to think outside the box, act and innovate. They are natural-born listeners – which is critical in this industry when you’re dealing with distressed sellers and unusual situations.

Women are Nurturers

Nurturing others is another skill that makes us stand out to those who are depending on our wisdom, and our empathy. Many successful female real estate investors and agents that I’ve met over the years have been teachers and nurses – not surprising when you think about it.

Women are Advocates

It’s important that women are involved in businesses with a cause or purpose other than just financial reward. As real estate investors, women can help not only their own families but members of their community – those looking for a place to call home or desperate to escape overwhelming debt. In turn, these women become shining beacons that draw others to follow in their footsteps.

Women are Social  

With a natural tendency to connect with others, women generally thrive in a social setting – by networking, establishing long term relationships, and extending inclusivity as far as they can reach. And, successful women want to see other women succeed; laying the groundwork for mentors, coaches and motivational experts like Ali Brown.

Women are Problem Solvers

Focus and strategy are the two pillars for success in real estate investing. I always say to my students, “You have to focus on one aspect of the business at a time and build a strategy.” Women have the capacity to focus and persevere; they don’t let their ego get in the way and they can spot opportunities.

Fortune magazine comes out every year with a list of the most powerful and inspiring women. If you read their article, you’ll notice many of the traits I’ve discussed above are also quite evident in this group of remarkable women. Women inherently have what it takes – if they can just recognize their many advantages and channel these gifts toward a meaningful purpose.

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