Working with a Real Estate Investing Coach Benefits New Investors

With record unemployment rates from the impact of COVID-19, more people are looking for smart ways to make money. Real estate investing offers a solution to not only earn money but to also build your own business.

At Real Estate Investing Women, REIW, we have over 30 years of combined real estate investing experience. During that time, we’ve learned many lessons. We know that new investors have a lot to learn about the strategies, procedures and pitfalls of real estate investing. That’s why we recommend for new investors to hire a real estate investing coach.

Real estate investing is a male dominated field. Women often experience barriers to entry in areas like funding, networking and education. We created REIW to help breakdown these barriers and build a positive and encouraging community of likeminded female investors to grow and thrive.

Benefits of Working with a Real Estate Investment Coach

Real estate investment coaching isn’t just for new investors. Wherever you are with growing your business, a mentor or coach offers insights and education to help you grow and expand your investment business.

1 – Create a Business Plan

For new investors, the first step is to develop a written business plan. We know writing a business plan feels tedious. But, don’t skip this vital step. By writing down your vision and goals in combination with an execution strategy, you make a map for your business.

When you work with a real estate investing coach you get step-by-step guidance on how to create a viable business plan. Your plan will include funding options, marketing methods and strategic investment opportunities.

2 – Education on the Types of Investments

Real estate investing is more than buying rental properties or fix and flips. A real estate investment coach cuts through the online noise and helps you find the best information available about the various real estate investing strategies.

While rental properties and fix and flips are a few of the best-known strategies, they aren’t always the easiest or most profitable for new investors. In fact, in our current situation, virtual real estate investing and virtual wholesaling provides a wonderful entry point.

3 – Learn from Real Life Experience

When you look for a real estate investing coach, ensure the coach has a wide-range of experience over many years. That’s what we have to offer at REIW. Also, as a female investor, you will gain more by working with a female real estate investing coach.

We understand the unique challenges women face. We offer insight into our successes and failures so you can learn from our experience. This allows you to avoid the same mistakes and focus on the paths to success.

4 – Build a Strong Network

Real estate investing offers more than just financial freedom. It’s a chance to reach your full potential. We’ve built a community of women investors dedicated to supporting each other and cheering each other on. This group of women becomes the start of your network.

Plus, when you work with a real estate investing coach you receive help building your network of real estate professionals. A strong network is critical to long-term growth in real estate. A coach explains who you need in your network to accomplish real estate deals. This includes building a buyer’s list and funding options.

5 – Develop a Real Estate Investment Portfolio

A portfolio is a list of your previous and current investments. Your portfolio demonstrates your depth and success as a real estate investor. You will need a portfolio to secure funding, partner with other investors and more. Keep your goals for your portfolio in mind when you seek new investment opportunities.

A real estate investing coach helps you understand the importance of your portfolio. Also, they offer insight in how to grow your portfolio quickly as a new investor.

6 – Manage the Specifics of a Deal

Real estate investment deals include many different steps. These steps vary depending of the specific type of strategy used. A real estate coach offers insight on how to follow the guidelines for specific deals.

In fact, they become your go-to source for questions about the process for locating, funding and closing a deal. As a new investor, you’ll save time and money when you work with a real estate investing coach.

7 – Gain Community and Encouragement

One of the best benefits of a relationship with a real estate investment coach or mentor is the ongoing encouragement you receive.We share our passion for real estate investing and help ignite your passion.

We want to see you grow and thrive. We’ve already walked through obstacles and challenges as female real estate investors. Plus, we’ve maintained and even grown our business through recessions and economic downturns. We provide encouragement to persevere in the face of challenges.

Invest in You with a Real Estate Investing Coach

At REIW, we offer encouragement through coaching and our online community. We believe in women helping women! We believe by gaining knowledge and experience, you become equipped to give back to the community.

We offer more than a one-size-fits-all approach to real estate investment coaching. We offer a selection of options to meet your schedule and budget. Start today by scheduling a coaching consultation. During the coaching consultation, we learn more about you and your specific needs which allows us to tailor our coaching to fit your business goals.

Our coaching programs include group coaching and one-on-one coaching options. In addition, the REIW website offers a great introduction to real estate investing with free online resources, like this blog article. Contact us today to learn more about our coaching and mentoring plans.

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