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Student Real Estate Investor Interview – Diane Johnson

One of the most beneficial things to be gained from joining a community of like-minded, real estate investing women is their experience at different steps of the process. When long-time real estate investors have been in the real estate investing industry for decades, it is sometimes easy to take things for granted. Hearing the perspective of new investors is a healthy reminder of what is needed to succeed in real estate investing.

Diane Johnson

real estate investor

Diane Johnson has both been an asset to Real Estate Investing Women (REIW) and has benefited from the mentoring that is offered. She attended a seminar three years ago to network for her insurance business and ended up diving into everything that real estate investing for women had to offer.

The outcome of attending that seminar for Diane was that she ended up with her first transaction after only 3 weeks of study and has since become a full time woman real estate investor. Additionally, she was so impressed with the benefits of the mentoring that she decided to bring the teachings to St. Louis, Missouri.

3 Important First Steps in Real Estate Investing

Diane shares some of the most important guidelines in real estate investing to others who are interested in learning how to build their own business. In the seminars she hosts, Diane shares mastermind techniques and helpful field experience that she obtained through REIW material and guidance.

The first thing that is needed when it comes to real estate investing is desire and the driving passion to be part of the investing community. There are three main points that new real estate investors should concentrate on…

  • Focus – devising a plan and sticking with it will guarantee prosperity. Most successful people throughout history would agree that they stayed dead center focused on the goal they were aiming for.
  • Organization – there are mountains of paperwork and crucial, time-sensitive material that is involved when it comes to real estate investing. Having a system in place is important to making sure the checklist is completed on time.
  • The Buyers’ List – this is one of the first research topics that should be developed. This list will be where you go to close a sale.

Diane has put this list to profitable use and is so committed to the outcome, when it is followed, that she now shares her time helping others change their lives through real estate investing.

The Treasures That Are New Investors

It is refreshing to be reminded of the building blocks of real estate investing when working with new investors. Sharing in the excitement and drive is one of the more rewarding parts of mentoring new real estate colleagues.

Real estate investors who are new to the industry bring with them new perspectives and fresh ideas about how to make the most of the potential that awaits in the real estate investing world.